Friday, December 8, 2017

Quilting Show and Tell

I volunteered to quilt several quilts for Faithful Circle Quilters.  They are a big guild and are very involved with making quilts for charity so they almost always have quilts that I can quilt.  I did two right after Ruthie 2 was installed.  You can see the first one here.  This next one is a pineapple quilt which is rocking scraps! What a great quilt -- so fun and vibrant.  Wish I could give a shout out to the quilter... I'm not sure who did it. 

I went to my go-to pantograph by Apricot Moon, Ginger Snap.  It looks good every time I use it, no matter if it is small or large.  I used a light blue Omni thread.  I was given the batting with the quilt so no clue which batting was sent to me. 

And the closeup! 

Special thanks go to Nancy.  We met for breakfast last week because she was in the area.  She took the two quilts up to give to Stephanie who was organizing the trimming and binding.  

This weekend is our busiest of the year.  We will be rehearsing tonight and then singing concerts on both Saturday and Sunday.  The kids will be coming to the Sunday matinee and then there'll be pizza at the house for us afterwards.  I know I'll be exhausted when I hit the bed Sunday night.  

I'm looking forward to some reading, stitching and knitting time next week.  I don't feel like I've done much of that recently. 

Happy quilting all!  Bonnie 


  1. What a colorful quilt! I like the swirly quilting design, too.

  2. Beautiful: I ❤️ scrappy quilts!

    Enjoy your busy weekend and have a restful week doing what you love.

  3. The fabulous pineapple quilt was made by Faithful Circle quilter Carol Roberts. Carol has donated dozens of these quilt tops to charity.

  4. Fun quilt! Such a nice one to donate for someone else's comfort. Break a leg and enjoy your concerts!

  5. A beautiful quilt. Hope you've recovered from your big weekend and have had some time to rest and relax.


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