Monday, April 2, 2018

Monday Meanderings 4 - 2 - 2018

I have moved several projects forward this week.  The only one finished was the quilt for the Taps project.  I still need to take pictures of it so I can share it.  

Here's the next hand project I'm going to be working on.  Yea, it isn't very big (3 1/4" x 8") so it may get done in a week or two.  Or if I go wild, a day or two and it may be finished!  Must read the directions.  I bought this at the 2017 Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show.  It's aged enough. It's hard to tell on the picture but it is hanging on a very small hanger that I also bought.  I'll probably need to figure out some additional projects to hang on it through the year.  The kit came with a  solid black fabric that looked flat to me.  So I auditioned the bunny on several fabrics -- purple, beige, pink and green.  Each of those colors washed out something -- the buttons used as flowers, the green stems and the bunny himself.  So I found this mottled blue-black in my stash and thought this would do just fine.  Bunny will become a mini flag quilt from a quite by Plays With Wool.  There are a lot of additional mini flag patterns I can try.  
I've also decided that posting my goals on any day but Monday isn't working.  Most of the weeks I either didn't post them or posted them too late.  So, as of today, I'm posting my goals on Monday again.  One thing I'm going to try to do is limit myself to 4 major goals a week.  I may start a secondary list that is more specific.  My plan is to give myself enough on my list to keep me focused on projects I really want to finish and not to bore my readers with a list of 6 or 8 little things.  We'll see if I can find a good balance.  Do you use To Do Lists or Goals? 

Here's my last set of goals, dated Mar 27 although I don't think I put them into a blog post. 

March 27, 2018
Sew all the columns together of T Shirt quilt Nope
Continue to work on Jamestown Landing
Sew borders on Braid Shuffle
Work on Rail Fence Nope
Bind Patriotic Dog quilt for Taps

Cut one quilt kit for May retreat Nope

And this week my main goals are: 
April 2, 2018
Sew T Shirt quilt into a top
Sew backing for T shirt quilt
Cut one quilt kit for May retreat
Continue to work on Jamestown Landing

Jenny, Brian and the grands came over Saturday for a visit.  We hadn't seen them in several months.  Some shorter person got hold of my phone and was able to take some pictures...actually video.  Must speak with Jenny to see who was fussing with my phone!  I have a password on it and try hard not to let anyone see it when I unlock it.  Evidently some short person is very adept with iPhones! 
Jenny and Brian captured by a stealth photographer. 
That's it for me today.  I'm linking up with my normal Monday Linky parties: Oh Scrap, Monday Making, Moving It Forward and Main Crush Monday.  I'll be taking some time to see what's being worked on. 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. Kids know how to push those buttons! I remember when I got a cell phone call from a friend in New York. It turned out that her grandson (then 3) had gotten hold of the phone. I have a wool applique project half-underway. I'm better with needlepoint or counted-cross stitch than with freehand embroidery.....Hope to see your Jamestown Landing soon!

  2. LOL! What a sneaky imp. The bunny will be adorable!

  3. Ah yes, have a technology problem, ask a little one. . .LOL

    The bunny is adorable.

  4. Too funny about your "short person" technology issue! I don't use goals or lists, I use the "pile it up where I trip on it" method. Top of the pile is the highest priority stuff. Works well in my tiny studio! I also don't usually comment on other people's goal setting posts, but since you asked an actual question, I thought I'd answer :)

  5. I started off the year with weekly goals but have drifted from that. Time to get back on track - thanks for the reminder! I like to make my To Do list on Sunday evening. I wake up Monday morning knowing exactly where I need to start.

  6. A cute little bunny and you want to go wild??? I say go for it :-) It will make a cute little project, even if it is after the holiday. There is always something that needs to be done, sometimes more than one. But, I quilt as a hobby so I do as I please - goals, shmoals - who cares?

  7. The bunnies going to be a fun and quick project. You need a few of those in the mix. Rather than goals, I've started working off a priority list for the entire month. It works well with the OMG and how I work in the sewing room. Though you can't tell this year, no finishes yet.


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