Monday, May 28, 2018

Monday Meanderings 5 - 28 - 2018

To my American readers:  may today be a special day of remembrance for all who have died while serving in the military.  I find it interesting that none of my immediate family died yet most served during wars: both grandfathers, my dad who was career Navy, and my brother. Thanks to all Americans who have served our country in the military and special thanks to the families who lost a love one who served. 

Progress on my projects has been made this week but things look pretty much the same as last week. So I'm sharing pictures from last week's retreat. Here are 4 tops people finished.  
I think this was made by Pat. Thanks Barb for letting me know it was yours.  Both Barb and Pat were sitting near me so we were chatting a lot.  Pat  made several tops during the weekend. Barb worked on several projects but finished this one.   I plugged along on my Jamestown Landing. 
Here's another quilt made by Pat.  I really liked the simplicity of this one.  I'm getting tired of my variation of this that uses a 4 patch with a theme fabric.  I think the 9 patch would be fun to do too.  Should be a fairly fast quilt to make also. 
I didn't get a picture of the whole quilt but I particularly liked this one for the border treatment.  It really sings with the center panel.  Now if I can remember it long enough to put it to use! Although, I must admit I don't often buy panels. Do you use panels? 
This is one of several Stephanie worked on.  You probably can't see it but she centered the border design before she cut them so all four borders look the same.  Wonderful. The cream background fabric were words written with a wonderful script typeface.  Lovely. 

On to my goals last week.  
May 21, 2018
Quilt 1 customer quilt started
Hand quilt on Civil War Quilt
Work on Jamestown Landing
Bind previously finished charity quilt started
Rest and read a book or two

I did quilt my Looney Tunes quilt although it wasn't on the list.  I was testing Ruthie 2 after a bit of an issue. She seems to be working brilliantly now. And, my Bernina has been cleaned and tuned up.  Unfortunately,when we went to pick her up they didn't address one of the issues.  Grr.  I really wanted her back so I could get some bindings done. But they kept her and she is once again ready for pick up. Hopefully all will be working fine when I pick her up tomorrow.

Here's what I'll be working on this week. 
May 28, 2018
Hand quilt on Civil War Quilt (I am almost done with this one!) 
Bind charity quilts
Finish 6 more Jamestown Landing blocks
Sew Jamestown Landing blocks together

Between spending a day at museums in DC and driving to Richmond to get my Bernina I may not succeed with all of these goals.  But I will be moving some projects forward!

I'm linking up with my regular parties: Oh Scrap, Monday Making, Moving It Forward, Design Wall Monday,  and Main Crush Monday.  I'm taking some time to see what others are working on this week. How about you? 


Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 


  1. Looks like there was so great creating accomplished at your retreat by all your sewing friends. Thank you to your family for their service to our Country.

  2. Hi Bonnie,
    What a nice newsy post! That is a long history of service for our country. Thank you and your family for that!! I love that quilt with the ombre fabric, and how the strips are staggered into the border. I do not often buy panels, but upon reflection I do have several in the stash so that must be a lie! HAHA! I remember buying 10 all at one time because the shop had so many that I hadn't seen before. Then I didn't do anything with them - so, I guess I should at some point. Later! I was thinking about taking my machine in for a good cleaning, but it's not quite a year old. I've been cleaning it out every other bobbin change, so I think a professional cleaning can wait. Don't you? Happy Memorial Day! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Fun retreat work. I have never purchased a panel, for the same reason, not knowing how to finish it. A recent local guild's show had a challenge with panels and there were lots of good finishes.

  4. Thanks for sharing that panel piece. I use panels fairly often and am always looking for good border/finishing ideas. I hope your machine is ready to go soon!

  5. I use panels often to make QOV - they make quick quilts if simply framed with various borders. Have a great week!

  6. The first one, the brown and gray, is mine, not Pat's. Enjoyed seeing you at retreat.

  7. Beautiful quilts! Wow - the variety in colors and patterns are such eye candy! :) Thank you for sharing!

  8. Sometimes progress is delayed, but it's always waited for us to come back. Hope your Bernina is really done this time. I messed up the feed dogs on mine, so back this summer for a repair after having it cleaned and maintenanced last summer! That machine is eating through my fabric/yarn budget!


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