Monday, July 16, 2018

Monday Meandering 7 - 16 - 2018

Welcome to another Monday Meandering.  I've been super busy and get to show a finish! Whoop! Whoop!  Flashback to five weeks or so ago.  I was prepping fabric for a sew-a-long at my guild in Powhatan. You can see some of my efforts herehere, and here, to name a few posts I've shared.  Today I'm going to share my finish!  Yes, if you're thinking I am super fast finishing this quilt you would be right.  I really, really wanted to bring it to the next guild meeting.  So I focused and finished it the Friday evening before the meeting.  

Let me present my finished quilt Celebrate! 
(By the way, you should be able to click on any picture and it will enlarge.)

And a few more! 
Did you notice the cool stripe binding.  Oh yea! Cool. 

The quilt design is Blue Star Petite from Urban Elements.  I use a lot of star patterns and I was getting tired of my trusty Ginger Stars.  I've actually added a couple of new ones to the mix.  I used Sew Fine thread on top and bobbin.  It was an orange red and worked really well. 

Now on to my goals for last week and this coming week.  Surprisingly enough I succeeded on most of my goals but I spent more time on Ruthie as I quilted Celebrate and a nice Irish Chain for a customer.  Yes, Ruthie is up and running like a pro.  Replaced the two computer chips (?) and she is doing great again.  Now I need to get some more quilts quilted.  

July 9, 2018
Make some pillowcases√ (1 done) 
Make more string borders for Jamestown Landing
Work on Stripe blocks √ plans made but no sewing
Make backing for Celebrate
Border heart wall hanging
Attend Angel ornament class
July 16, 2018
Finish Blog Hop project and blog about it! 
Work on charity quilts at sew in 
Finish one Angel ornament 
Cut out and make a pillowcase 
Work on 16 patch quilt

That isn't too tough of a list so I should be able to do it with no problems. (HA! Is that tempting fate?) 

Now on to a reminder of the Christmas in July Blog Hop.  I admit I was so tired Sunday that I did not even look for fabric for the cute quilt Sarah is sharing directions.  Sigh.  Maybe this week.  Here's the list of bloggers participating in the blog hop.  Check them out. (I can't tell you about today cause I am short on time trying to get this blog out before my day gets started in earnest.) 

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Let me know if these links do NOT work.  I'm pretty sure they will.  My day is coming  Did I mention prizes?  Many of the blogs are hosting prizes.  I've got a plan but must finish it up! Thanks folks! Have fun surfing. 

I'm also linking up with my regular linky parties.  Let's share the fun! Oh Scrap, Monday Making, Main Crush Monday and Moving It Forward.  You know the drill--spend some quality time surfing these parties... you never know what will inspire your next quilt project. 

I leave you with another picture of Celebrate!  (Can you tell I really like it?)

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 


  1. What a beautiful quilt - full of life and happiness!

  2. The quilt looks like a New Year's Celebration. I can practically hear the fireworks going off. I love stripey bindings too. If I can find one to match it makes me happy.


  3. Fantastic quilt - so colorful. The striped binding looks wonderful with the front & back.

  4. Congratulations!! It's so bright, fun and happy! The binding is perfect...I've never seen that stripe before and I really like it. The star quilting is really neat, too. Is that a flannel on the back? It looks sort of textured.

  5. That is a gorgeous quilt, well done on all the aspects, fabric, pattern and quilting, it looks fabulous!

  6. Yay, Ruthie! She didn't let you down! Celebrate is cause for celebration!

  7. Congrats on a beautiful and fun finish! It's good that Ruthie is back up and purring along. Good luck with this week's goals.


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