Sunday, August 19, 2018

Monday Meandering 8 - 20 - 2018

Here's Mr or Miss Bear all finished.  When I decide to make clothes I'll decide whether Bear is a boy or a girl.  I'm not sure when I'll get to making clothes but some day.  Bear was lounging around on the deck of the community center when I had the photo shoot last week.  I realize I have a label for bear -- but it was for a bear walking around some houses I was driving by in Pa. Big difference!

Next up are blocks I'm getting ready to mail out to Alycia for her Flags for Sue campaign.  Alycia makes quits for Quilts of Valor and Sue was one of her dedicated sewers who passed away this year.  In her honor Alycia is collecting blocks and making more Quilts of Valor.  It's not too late if you want to make some to send to Alycia. Check out info on Flags for Sue on Alycia's blog. She would like them mailed by September 1. Here are the 3 I'm sending off this week. 
To the left of the flags I've got my bargello quilt laid out.  I'm adding strips below the finished section as I want it a little bigger.  I'll be working on it a lot this week -- the month is almost up and this is my OMG.  

My last set of blocks is for the October retreat.  We are making 12" blocks out of Christmas fabric. ARGH!  I just reread the directions and these are WRONG!  I was suppose to use Christmas fabric with WHITE... not what I did. And, darn, I cut another pair of blocks out before I finished today. Ok, so, it won't be all that hard to change to white and Christmas.  In fact I'm betting the blocks will look better with a white.  And, I definitely have white on whites.  I think this red just screams in this picture. 
On to my weekly goals.  It was another terrific week where I finished everything I planned to work on! And, it was a fairly long list.  I actually was able to quilt a customer quilt and another charity quilt this past week.  I was staying focused! 
August 13, 2018
Finish binding strippy quilt
Add legs and tail to bear
Bind framed 7 ½” squares
Work on 9 patches for flower pots quilt
Start sewing more strips to bargello
Finish piecing the string borders for Jamestown Landing√ or at least I think I have enough!

And here's my plan for this week.  I've got several days away from the house so I won't be getting as much sewing done.  I cut back on my goals somewhat. 
August 20, 2018
Bind charity quilt
Finish 9 patches for flower pots quilt
Continue working on bargello 
Make more Christmas lotto blocks for Oct. retreat
Celebrate Natalie's and Sophie's birthdays

I'm linking up with my regular blogs: Oh Scrap, Monday Making,  Main Crush Monday, and Moving It Forward.  If the link isn't live yet I'll come back and set it soon.  (Assuming I remember to!) 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. Great work on meeting all your weekly goals. I doubt I'll unearth my sewing machine in time to make any of the flag blocks. It's wonderful to see all the blocks that Alycia has received. Hopefully this week I'll get my sewing room organized and do some sewing. I need to find my mojo in there somewhere.

  2. Lots of checkmarks on your list this week. Maybe you'll call it "Slow Boat to Jamestown"? LOL.

  3. Your red blocks are very Christmassy! Maybe that's what influenced your fabric choice :)

  4. I think Ms. Bear has a certain charm about her but she is a tomboy at heart. So a pair of jeans would work just was well as a dress. Nothing skimpy though - not her style. Wishing you good luck on your goals. Thank you for sharing information about Alycia's blog. I will check that right away.

  5. What a wonderful knitted bear. Your blocks are lovely! You could make another block with the cream and star fabric and make a table runner using these three blocks.


  6. The flag blocks turned out beautifully. I like your red blocks with the stars background fabric. Congrats on finishing off your list from last week, it's nice to get the feeling of accomplishment from getting those things checked off.

  7. That little bear is adorable and the flag blocks look super.

  8. I'm peeking to see if you have photos of recent Jamestown Landing ...

  9. I love your Christmas blocks, and the teddy bear too!


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