Monday, January 7, 2019

Monday Meanderings 1 - 7 - 2019

Here's what I worked on the first week of 2019 - - 
This is for the Calendar Challenge.  We picked a month or season and need to create a wall hanging to represent the month.  Mine is December and I'm working on a Christmas tree.  I want to commemorate the wonderful handmade ornaments my great aunt gave us for years.  So first comes the tree. 

No pictures yet but I have been making progress on the log cabin blocks.  I think I have 31 of the 63 I need done. Every day I try to add a log or two to the 10 or so blocks I have going.  

One thing I added to my goals in the fall was to clean off my cutting table.  Did I share what it looks like then?  I don't think so.  Argh!  Here's what a section of it looks like now. (heck, it probably looked the same then with one less layer of fabric!)  
Not such a pretty sight.  I tend to pile up left over fabrics that can't be stored on my shelves or in my baskets of fat quarters.  So, this pile of stuff represents way too many months of finished projects.  Hum, I see some left overs from my bargello top, and ooh, there's some turquoise from Sea Glass and the black and whites are from my current log cabin project.  The main issue I have is I need to trim or cut into squares or strips.  And, I hate doing that.  So, eventually, I'll sweep it all into one of two huge baskets and then I'll have this end of my cutting table ready to us. 

Lest you think I try to work around that mess, here's a snap of the other big section of the cutting table.  Yes, I do have a pretty big space.  Across from this clean section is my Go cutter.  Very convenient. 
I included a pic of the project boxes under the table.  I haven't changed what's in those boxes for quite a while even though I know I've finished the projects.  Check my goals for this week.  I hope to go through them and change to new projects or UFOs. 

And, this week I cut out all the pieces for Carousel except the little squares that go in the center of the blocks.  A decision as to what color will be made after I make most of the blocks. The kit is ready for the retreat down at Sharon's house next week.  (I guess I'll be bringing the log cabin blocks too but variety is the spice of piecing!) 
Here's how I did on the minuscule goal list I did last week. 
December 31, 2018
Finish sewing the binding on Sea Glassand on the bed!
Continue making log cabin blocks 39 done so far 
Start cutting out kits for the in house retreat
…. don’t know what else I’ll do but surely other stuff will get done

I know I did other stuff -- like taking down the Christmas decorations and washing and ironing most of the fabric Jenny gave me for Christmas. Next week's goals are: 

January 7, 2019
Continue making Log Cabin blocks 
Make FCQ Equilter blocks for Sharon and Pam
Prep one more project to take to retreat
Do something with that pile of leftover fabrics on the cutting table
Make a pillowcase

 So, here we are at the end of my post.  I'm linking up to these blogs this week: Oh Scrap!, Monday Making, Main Crush Monday, and Moving It Forward. Everybody is back to their regular blog schedule. So, please take some time to check out what folks are working on these days.  

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. I love how organized your bag of cut pieces'll make lots of progress at your retreat! I sympathize with the cutting table and the scraps, mine looks much the same way. I finally stuffed most of the scraps into a bag and put it under the table, but the top is piling up again. Sigh. It feels never-ending. If only there was a good scrap project available to work on! LOLOL

  2. At least you are making plans, that's movement in the right direction!

  3. My cutting table has similar layers of scrap fabric. I'm not fond of cutting scraps into useful sizes, but once it's done I'm happy. Space is at a premium in my small space, so I must tackle the piles this week.


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