Sunday, July 14, 2019

Monday Meandering 7 - 15 - 2019

I can't decide if I should be saying "It's a wrap" for the week just ended or "Welcome new week."  No  matter, this past week was very quilty.  I don't have a lot to show for it but I am making forward progress on several projects.

First up, I finished a top with 9 sawtooth stars.  I was just using up two pieces of fabric I had.  One was a piece of Hoffman fabric from an early challenge. (Ok, maybe it was like a really early challenge fabric.  I don't remember for sure, and I didn't make and enter anything so nothing I can go look at.)

Here's what the fabric looked like when I pulled it off my shelf.  Yea, it was cut up a LOT.

But look how great it looks as a sawtooth star. 
The pink fabric is an old KP Kids fabric.  I bought some when it originally came out and then found several different colors recently and picked up pink, purple and green.  I really like it but honestly, it's sometimes hard to use older colors with more current colors.  This piece has been sitting for a few years.   Now it is almost all gone.  I probably have enough to do the binding once I find a backing fabric for it. 
Here's the finished top.  I wanted to add a little extra length to bring the quilt to 36 x 42".  I thought adding the extra flying geese worked -- but it might have been better designed so the rows of the blocks with the flying geese were more coordinated.  Who knows, I may take the top and bottom off and change it.  Or not.  What do you think?  Should I change the top and bottom rows. And if so what do you suggest?  I've got a lot of white squares that I could use between the geese. 

I also began prepping more of the fabric to make "Flower Song" blocks. Don't remember from last week?  Here's the link. Scroll down to see the block.  The half square triangles are made from a strip of color and a background color that are sewn together on the top and bottom.  Here's a group of them that I finished sewing this afternoon. (And that is the back side of the fabric!)  I really like these lovely bright colors.  And, I thought I'd show off the "bread board" that Pat made that is right above the first drawer in my sewing desk.  I think my friend Beth called it a bread board when she first saw it.  We used to have bread boards built into our lower kitchen cabinets at several of our houses.  I am not sure they are still being offered in new houses.  And, I don't remember using mine all that often.  But I sure like it on my sewing desk.  It gives me a big space to pile either finished units or units waiting to be sewn.  
Here's what happened with my goals last week.
July 8, 2019
Hand quilt on old Christmas quilt✔️
Make more quarter square triangle ✔️
Make some pink Rainbow Scrap blocks✔️
Cut some Flower Song blocks✔️ some strips are sewn together...cutting coming soon 
Finish making Sawtooth Star blocks✔️

And here's my plan for next week.  It seems like a lot but it really isn't too bad. 
July 15, 2019
Hand quilt on old Christmas quilt
Finish doll sweater, start second one 
Buy backing for batik rail fence 
Make backing for Donna’s blocks 
Quilt 1 VSQ charity quilt
Keep working on Flower Song blocks 

Here are the parties I'm linking to: Oh Scrap!, Monday Making, Main Crush Monday, Moving It Forward and What I Made Monday.  (I'll add the links for those parties that aren't posted Sunday night...yep I really try to get my Monday blog written and posted the night before!  And, I've been succeeding for the most part.)

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. I like the funkiness of the flying geese border. The blocks are saw tooth, so the borders are the left over scraps that the saw created. :) Great little quilt!

  2. Love the pull out "bread board" by your sewing machine - a clever idea. Send that idea not a quilting magazine!

  3. I like the fabrics in your saw tooth quilt - the colors work so well together. And those are pretty colors on your 'bread board'. Have fun working on all your projects this week!

  4. In looking at your border on the star quilt, I would simply remove one border, unstitch one flying geese and then resew it to the other end. This way, the effect of the patterns (top and bottom) would be staggered and more eye appealing than it is with both top and bottom ending with a FG. Or, of course, if you've already got it bound up, that would be a great finish, too.

  5. I think "it's a wrap" represents both. The fabric makes a perfect centre for the sawtooth star. Well done!! I like the borders as is. Made me think of mountains. I remember having those bread boards. Don't have one in our current house though. The colours on it are very pretty! Have fun sewing!


  6. Oh I remember Flower Song blocks. They sing happily :-) Of course you need to make more. We need a whole garden. Hmmm about the flying geese, well, if I was making this quilt top, I'd make them as if the design continued into the borders, mirroring the goose blocks in the main quilt. Or what Barb said.


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