Thursday, December 19, 2019

Christmas Diversions

My latest singing gig with the Spotsylvanians....

The hubs and I all decked out as Victorian carolers. 

He was being a serious Victorian while I was being frivolous. 
Here I am in all my glory.

You might remember I was "thinking" of making a new skirt to wear for this gig.  Except, this bright red one was available.  Why make a new skirt when I could use this one?  I have black fabric that wouldn't have been as Christmasy. So instead of making a new skirt I hemmed this one and tried to make a petticoat. 

The petticoat was a waste of time.  Do you see any "puff" at the hem of this skirt?  No, I don't either.  I bought a yard of netting that was suppose to be 108" wide.  That would probably have given me enough netting to get a little puff.  But, no, the fabric turned out to be about 72".  So no puff for a morning of work.  (Worst, is I attached it as two pieces to a slip that I'm going to need back as a normal slip in the next two weeks or so. Everything was done with big stitches.)  

I had to hem the skirt -- ugh about 1/2" in the front and 3" in the back.  It took me all afternoon.  Good Grief! Plus, I was trying not to press too much of a line in at the hem.  It all must be undone when we give back the skirts to the theater group that loaned them to us. 

So instead of finishing, or even starting several projects as "outlined" on Monday I basically hemmed a skirt.  Sigh.  

Tomorrow I'll advance my projects.  And sing again in the evening.  Hopefully, I'll get several things finished tomorrow. 

I'm linking up with Midweek Makers and hopefully Whoop, Whoop Friday, tomorrow.  Let's see if I remember when I'm knee deep in projects! 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. Nice photos of all the Victorian carolers. I'm sure everyone enjoyed the program. Hemming garment is not something I enjoy. I remember standing on the coffee table as my Mom measured the hems on the dresses and skirts I made.

  2. You all look very festive. I used to make a lot of my own cloths, but since starting to quilt, I"m not sure I could manage that 5/8" seam!

  3. You look wonderful, though that skirt took more time than expected.

  4. Ah, the best laid least you had fun singing! :)

  5. Oh gosh, that sewing of garments takes more effort than making of quilts. But you all are handsome and Christmasy, looking very festive.

  6. Hi Bonnie, you looked great in the outfit, even if you had to work so hard to get it hemmed. Good luck with your signing and your projects.

  7. You both look very Victorian and lovely!!!


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