Sunday, December 1, 2019

Monday Meandering 12 - 2 - 2019

Busy days this past week and it looks like that busy-ness will continue this week. 

Things that have been on my ironing station this week: 
Doll wedding dress needs some big seams and the back closure.  

And something that was on the embroidery machine Sunday. 
Second Mendhi shirt half embroidered -- it's finished now but I'll get a decent picture when the sun is out. 

Grammy and Theo selfie.

Tuesday I spent in Northern Virginia with Theo.  Luckily he was really good.  No whining, no crying and no fussing at all, including going down for a nap.  Amazing. I, on the other hand, was crying over the traffic on the way home!  Ok, not really but I would have liked to! Evidently the I 95 corridor is the most congested in the nation.  And, boy howdy, it sure was Tuesday evening.  It took an hour to get to Kevin's house and 2 1/2 hours to get home.  (Ok, it might have been 2 1/4 hours as I stopped to buy dinner.)  

Overall I've been able to check off ✔ a few items on my secret list.  Some are partially done.  I expect to be checking off a few more this week.  Of course, I do have an addendum to the list.  But those items won't be worked on until the original list is finished or almost finished.  If you guess that I'll be in my studio every free moment this week you are absolutely right. 

Here are the linky parties I will try to link up with!  Busy times means I don't always think about getting back to link up.  Sigh.  Oh Scrap, Monday Making, and Design Wall Monday should be hosting quilty Linky Parties this week.  Check the links (once they are up of course) and see what new ideas you an find!

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie   


  1. my sister has to go through traffic from Williamsburg to Richmond every now and then and says it is horrible - what could be an hours drive sometimes takes double that - that hates it.
    nice to spend time with your grandson though I bet!

  2. Heavy traffic makes me anxious, so I don't visit my sister as much as I'd like. Your granddaughter is going to love the dress for her doll. I always dreamed of having a wedding dress for my favorite doll. Love the selfie of you and Theo.

  3. We avoided traffic as much as we could for that very reason! Glad you had a good visit with Theo.

  4. My son goes to college in Northern VA, so I'm familiar with the 95 nightmare. It should take us 2 hours to get there, but has taken as long as 3 1/2.

  5. What a cute photo with Theo! And I hope we get to see the wedding dress completed :)


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