Sunday, April 5, 2020

Monday Meanderings 4 - 6 - 2020

Are you getting your projects done?  I'm not.  In fact I got only a couple of blocks done this whole week.  But I was sewing every day.   What I have been doing is making more masks.  Studying lot of mask patterns. And trying to speed up my production. 

I did two more house blocks and sent them of to the quilter who is putting them together. I put cats in both windows. 

Here are the ones I sent out to my son and his family. This group should keep them covered up for a while. Both Kevin and Aimee are still having to go to work for some days during the week. 

These masks are on their way to my brother in California. I figure he and his wife can share them with her sisters and mom.  

This week I'll be working on masks to give to Life Care transport.  They need masks too.  I'll be making some masks for my daughter and her family too.  

Have you been watching your roots grow out?  Or how about that great haircut falling apart?  I was supposed to get my hair cut on Wed. 3/18.  Yep, that's a good 3 weeks ago and it was long then.  It finally was driving me crazy so I asked hubby to trim the back of it.  He cut it straight across the back and did a great job.  The good news is my earlier haircut is holding up pretty well on the sides.  And, luckily I haven't dyed my hair in years so I'm not watching unwanted roots coming out! I'm sure my hair is going to be getting more home cutting over the next few weeks or months? I hope it can keep looking decent.  Or I'm may be taking my scissors to the sides too.   
And last I'm sharing what we found on our walk one day this week. It sums up what I wish for all of you too.  

My goals have totally fallen apart because I'm spending most of my time on masks for a while.  I'm hoping I can sneak in some personal sewing between the masks.... all I need to do is cut a few pieces and then I can use them as leader/enders.  Not a bad idea. 

I'm linking up with my regular parties: Oh Scrap, Monday Making, and Design Wall Monday.  I'll be spending some time surfing the internet this week.  I didn't take much time to do that last week.  But this time I definitely will be!  Join me.

What are you doing this week?  

Stay safe and happy quilting!  Bonnie 


  1. I probably would have gotten a hair cut a week or two ago and it has been six weeks since I dyed my hair - the color is fading and I have white streaks showing LOL - I do have a box of hair dye in the cabinet but I thought I would wait and see how long this last and if I feel the need to dye or leave it grow out - as good of a time as any I guess. I think your hair cut is just fine! I joke with my girls that I might end up giving myself a Corna-haircut

  2. Nice work on those masks, Bonnie! Roots? Yes, my hair appointment was scheduled for the week I began self-isolation. Not sure WHAT to do about that! I am not a fan of coloring my own hair. :o((

  3. I’ve been making masks for myself and the ladies in the group that plays dominos as well as working on mysteries. Your husband did a nice job on your hair. My haircut has been rescheduled twice and is getting shaggy in the back. Since I don’t have anywhere to go,it doesn’t bother me.

  4. You and me too. I just hope my favorite small salon still is in business when this is over. I'll go in and order "the works" to help her out a little bit. I spent wayyy too much time looking at mask patterns yesterday, trying them out and failing. Turns out the 2 that I first tried and others were confusing me with their use of the word 'lengthwise.' Apparently, they were using it to mean 'mask top to bottom," but I understood it to mean 'longest length of fabric.' The two are not the same in this case. Now that I have the process and end goal in hand, I am making up my own method. In my estimation, it does not need the dressmaker touches to it to function and still be pleasing. Anyway, will make a few more today and then return to the normal program. Sad to say, but this shelter-at-home is allowing me to get caught up with the prayer quilt cupboard. But on the positive side, it is giving me time to consider my blessings, of which there are many. Take good care of yourself; stay well.

  5. Like you, I'm wearing my hair gray and have a husband that does a decent job with the scissors! I was glad to get that extra weight off the back my head and trim the bangs, too. Sewing has slowed waaaay down, and I can't even blame mask making for it. I only made two so far. I love the sidewalk chalk message :)

  6. Nice job, Bonnie, making masks! I have to buckle down and make several for when we need to venture out. And maybe some for my mom and my neighbors. Your hair looks great! I don't dye my hair either. I tried it once and hated the texture it gave my hair. I've always just trimmed the ends myself. But, now, my DH could really use a haircut. I'm not too excited to do that. Holding off yet. We've got a number of fun sidewalk chalk messages in our neighborhood, too. Great idea to photograph them and share!


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