Friday, April 10, 2020

March Stash Busting or Not

I thought I was doing a good job on not building my stash this month.  But then I remembered I bought quite a few pieces of fabric on a shopping trip to Richmond on Mar. 3.  Blue Crab Quilt shop was having a going out of business then so a group of us went down to take advantage of the good prices.  We hit a few other shops too, where I also bought fabric and thread.  Sigh. 

Fabric In Month
Fabric In Year
Fabric Out Month
Fabric Out Year
Total In or Out Year

So I am still bringing in more fabric than I am using. But so far this month I've bought no fabric at all.  

As well as everyone else, I've been making masks.  Unfortunately, masks don't take all that much fabric. And, I'm using muslin for backing and ties.  Luckily I have a lot of it from different people's stashes I was given.  So, yes, I'm using small amounts of my own fabric, and making a dent in the other stashes.  I did not add those into my fabric acquisition numbers over the years so I am not deducting them either.  Hopefully, I will get a few of my own projects quilted and bound this month.

I started with 8 blocks/parts of blocks left over from a baby quilt I made in 1997.  Scrappy  Mountain Majesties is a Bonnie Hunter pattern available on It's been on my UFO list for ages.

I added 9 blocks and dropped a bunch to get this 3 x 4 layout.  The blocks are taller than they are wide.  The 3 x 3 setting seemed an odd size. So I made 15 blocks. Yep, that works. Once I find a backing fabric, get it quilted and bound I'll be able to mark it off my UFO. 

Not every juncture is wonderful.  Some look like the top one at the right.  And some look like the bottom one which looks pretty darn good to me!  There will be no border.  This goes directly into my closet with other tops needing to be quilted.  This one is small -- it'll probably only need a 1.25 yards for the backing.  But do I have that much fabric just hanging around? Maybe, I need to do a really good search.

I've started putting together the red, white and blue blocks I showed here. Hum, I just reread what I wrote.  I forgot all about putting sashing in.  I've already sewn the top row together with no sashing.  Oh well.  Hopefully it will look good when finished.  Tomorrow I'll check my measurements and make sure these blocks will be the right size for QOVs. 

I'm still making masks, but I'm sewing on my UFOs too.  I hope to be able to continue to donate 10 to 15 masks a week to good causes but still make some forward progress on my own projects.  

I'm linking up with Needle and Thread Thursday,  Can I Get a hoop WhoopBeauties 76, Midweek Makers, and To Do Tuesday. I'm doing some surfing over the next few days.  won't you join me? 

Stay Safe and Happy Quilting!  Bonnie 


  1. That’s a darling baby quilt! I closed my sewing room for a few days: my back was screaming at me after spending so much time sewing masks.

  2. One day instead of saying Scrappy Mountain Majesty is on my list to make I need to get busy and make it - but for now - still on the list - love seeing yours!

  3. Your mountain quilt will make a nice gift for a baby. I did a little laugh when you said it was going into the closet. Quilting later. I just listened to Lori Kennedy talking about free motion quilting, she loves to ask quilters how many tops they have waiting to be quilted - me I have about 20! We should start a club, maybe I'm a topper, not a quilter!

  4. Hi Bonnie! I love the Scrappy Mountain Majesties - it makes for a perfect baby quilt. I haven't seen that pattern before but I think I need to add it to my to-do list and make it sooner than later. Thanks for linking up this week. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Very cute mountains! Don't worry about the points matching. My eye only sees the colors and not how they interact with the next "mountain" :)

  6. I like your mountains! And I think it may have been you who inspired me to keep track of my fabric in/out for the year. I won't even reveal last year's in, but seeing that number made me become more disciplined this year. So far, I've not purchased any fabric since mid-January, vowing to use up more of my stash! Thanks for the incentive!

  7. Congrats on making good progress on your UFOs. It has to feel good to reach another milestone on one of the older ones. Your stash management isn't so bad this year. You can definitely get out 10 more yard by the end of the year. Though keeping the "in" column low is a lot harder for some strange reason.


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