Monday, July 13, 2020

Monday Meanderings 7 - 13 - 2020

I'm starting out with these pillowcases.  I sewed about 10 pillowcase kits together this week for the Country Piecemakers in Powhatan this week.  Please remember that when I get on to my goals list.  Most of my time I spent on these instead of things on my list.  

The main reason I wanted to get them done is I was planning on going to the Country Piecemaker's meeting on Saturday and wanted to turn them in before Halloween!  I was interested in the barn quilt block painting we were going to do.  So, some of my time was spent prepping the board -- painting KillZ on all sides and then painting the front with a background color.  I chose an ecru for the background. The board is 20" square. Once we finished our meeting, (held outside in a picnic pavilion and masked up,) we got on to painting the boards. First, I drew the grid for the block, a 4 x 4. I chose the block at the top of the book on the left a variation of Friendship Star.  Then, I "tried" to erase the spots that didn't need the grid marks.  And then I repainted the center square so the erasing didn't show. (bummer...) 

By the time the center background section dried I was getting hot. But I really wanted to see what the  design might look like so I painted one coat of the red in one area.  Hum, it didn't cover as well as I hoped. It was humid although it did seem to dry pretty well but I decided I would finish this at home. I'll have to paint several more coats for each of these dark sections. 

But I was done for the day. It was in the mid 80s and the temp was still rising. And, it was lunch time.  I had an hour and a half drive back. Get the picture? This will be an ongoing project as you have to let the paint dry well between sections. I'll keep posting photo updates. Maybe I'll get more done today. 

With all these other things going on I didn't do really well on my goals. 

W/O 7/6
Load, quilt and bind Pirates Quilt  -- the back is loaded and the batting is ready 
Make Silver Lining Block 8 & 9✔️ Finished on Sunday.
Continue on Winter paperpieced blocks 😩 nothing
Plan quilting for Lonestar quilt ✔️ I’ve found a design but I’ll have to figure out how I can get it the right size! 

W/O 7/13
Quilt the Pirate quilt
Make another Winter paperpieced block
Work on painted block
Pull out dog blocks UFO and put the center of the top together

That's what's been happening here this past week.  I'm hoping for a finish this week but maybe just the quilting will get done.  I'll be painting and working on some other blocks and tops too. 

Ok, I admit it -- I was completely distracted when I wrote my blog Sunday night.  Pat likes to check it out and when he looked on Monday all he saw was last week's.  OOPS I never finished posting it.  When I reread it -- argh!  It didn't make as much sense as I thought it did.  So a bit of editing, a bit of linking up and now I can post my blog! Enjoy. 

Join me in checking out what's going on in other studios this week by visiting these linky parties: Oh Scrap, Monday Making, Main Crush Monday, and Design Wall Monday. (Yep, you're right I forgot to link up to Design Wall Monday last week. I'll try to do better this week!) 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. I am not a huge fan of hot - but what fun!! to have an outdoor meeting, turn in Halloween pillowcases - and!! Start a Quilt block!!! YAY you!!

  2. I want to make a wooden quilt block; it's on my list of things to do. Thanks for sharing the start of yours, I'll be watching for your progress. I really like making pillowcases. They are a fun, quick project. Good luck on meeting some of your goals for this week!

  3. Publishing a post on the “new” Blogger takes more steps than it did on the older version. I hit publish, get a confirmation note and then notice it wasn’t scheduled, so I go through the process again. Aargh! I love the wooden quilt blocks I made several summers ago.

  4. I absolutely love making pillowcases. I get to play with a wide variety of fabrics and the projects is finished quickly. Yours are adorable! I took a class in barn quilt painting this past February and it was a ton of fun. Here is the link in my blog to read about it.

  5. That barn quilt is going to be great! I painted one a couple years ago, and yes they need two or three coats per section. Nice your guild could actually meet!

  6. Pillowcases! Yes! They are so cute and cheerful!


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