Sunday, July 19, 2020

Monday Meanderings 7 - 20 - 2020

A surprise tonight -- I finally decided to figure out how much fabric I used in June. (Yep I'm really late with this!)  It took a bit of adding and multiplication to get the final number.  And, yep, I was surprised.  I used more fabric than I brought in...and I brought in plenty. Here's the data: 

Fabric In Month
Fabric In Year
Fabric Out Month
Fabric Out Year
Total In or Out Year

It's now official -- I've used more fabric than I've purchased this year.  Most of the yardage was wide backs which means I have more than enough backings for a while. I'm not planning on buying any fabric the rest of this month.  I can be strong! (maybe)

I did pretty well on my goals this week: 
Quilt the Pirate quilt✔️ quilted Pictures after it's bound and I have a photo shoot
Make another Christmas paper pieced block✔️ one more Snowman  (purple brimmed hat.)

So here are the  finished blocks.  I ended up making one too many polar bears.  So the question is should I make a 3rd snowman and 1 or 2 penguins.  If I make 3 of each animals I'll not use the the extra left facing polar bear.  These are paper pieced designs from Sew Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Mary Hertel.  Hum, maybe I should add a reindeer too. what do you think? Mary has some other penguins in her Etsy shop. I think I'll be shopping this week.

Work on painted block✔️ almost finished no pictures yet.

Pull out UFO of dog blocks and make the center of the top… yikes. Need extra blocks...first one is done. ✔️  Here are the blocks I've got.  These blocks are from a swap ages ago (as in the mid 1990s through Prodigy -- one of the first commercial internet service provider for customers.) The blocks had to be multiples of 3". These are the ones I received. Most of them still have the tag listing the maker, location and email address. (I wonder how many addresses would still be good?) The black dog with the red bow is mine. I just threw these on my design wall to get an idea of what I need to bring it up to a decent size. What do you think?  I'm thinking I need to make more; maybe throw out the middle one in the top row.  

I have a slew of dog patterns I can add to these and Mary Hertel has a lot of faces of different breeds. But what about adding some four patches, 9 patches or flying geese?  Here's the dog I finished this week. I forget which book I found this in but it's the same dog as the blue and pink floral one in the upper left above.  I need to add a piece at the top or bottom to make it the same size as the other one. I think I might try some machine appliquéd dogs too.  I bet they would go MUCH faster. 

As much as I "like" the idea of paper piecing I'm not that good at it.  I end up having to take out those tiny stitches and recut fabric pieces all the time.  

That was last week's goal list.  On to this week's list: 

W/O 7-20
Quilt another personal quilt
Make more blocks: dogs, Winter paper pieced, CP 
Finish Painting Wood Block 
Set the airplane blocks from last year’s Rainbow Scrap Challenge

I find that some weeks I am raring to work in the studio.  Some weeks I putz around and don't get much done.  Hopefully this week I'll be getting a lot done.  

Pat got a package in the mail from my cousin last week.  We were both tickled with his new mask.  Marilyn's been making some really nice custom masks.  I'm not sure I need a USC mask but I graduated from USC too.  

I'm linking up to my regular Monday linky parties: 
Oh Scrap, Monday Making, Design Wall Monday, and Main Crush Monday.  I plan on spending some extra time with these linky parties this week. I didn't last week and I'm sure I missed important happenings in studios! 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. really impressed with all your sewing projects...i personally like the july list is almost done and might even have days enough to tackle another UFO!

  2. It's always fun to see what you can do with paper-piecing! The snowmen and polar bears are going to make a cute quilt. I'm the same with paper-piecing - like it but make so many mistakes!

  3. I like the polar bears looking right and left! Congratulations on your stash reduction.

  4. Love the polar bears and snowmen. Paper-piecing is too fiddly for me. I’ve done it, but I didn’t enjoy it very much.

  5. I like the idea of paper piecing too, but it's not always easy. I'm pretty good at getting the pieces in the right places; my trouble comes with joining the sections. I would love to take a class sometime to help with that....maybe I can find an online one somewhere. I love that dog you made - its so dang cute! I hope you get a lot done in your studio this week Bonnie! Thanks for linking up to MCM.

  6. Too many polar bears??? No such thing. But come to think of quilting, I'd make something easy - like a simple Christmas tree :-) Happy Quilting and stay safe.

  7. Congrats on using more fabric than you brought in. Stay strong. =) I think I’m overdue for a paper pieced project. Thx for the reminder !

  8. Bonnie, do you have a dog, or maybe had one, when you did that swap? We are dog people but don't currently have one. I do have some dog swap blocks I need to put together, also.

  9. Love your winter blocks and those doggies. You've got some fun blocks to play with up on the design wall. For the doggie blocks, maybe you need a couple of bones or some paw print blocks to round them out? Hope you have another productive week.

  10. I KNEW IT! I just knew you had to "know" Nann too!! As soon as I saw the chart of fabric-in/fabric-out, I scrolled right down to the comments to find her.

    The polar bears look like origami--too cute!


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