Friday, August 14, 2020

Ahoy Mateys!

Here's the second quilt I finished last month: Ahoy Mateys!  

Many years ago I purchased an odd roll of pirate fabrics.  They weren't any "known" cuts, just left over fabrics at a quilt store.  I let them marinate for a few many years and finally decided to put them in a twist and turn setting.  Except, I couldn't get a very big piece out of each because through the years I used some in Happy Quilt blocks.  I purchased the embroidery design set called A Pirate's Life from Designs by Juju. (Yikes, there is a sale going on there this month -- 12 sets for $12. I don't get anything if you choose to shop there, I just like their designs, especially for my grands.)  I added 4 embroidered designs to go with the pirate fabric. I love it! 

I was a bit nervous when I quilted it because I thought the quilting might look bad over the embroidery. No, not bad at all.  I used a stipple pattern included with my robotics.  

Here are a few close ups:

Here are two of the embroidered blocks.  I used the same blue print on the back and as the binding. 

Normally, I would donate this to a NICU to be given to a premature baby.  Except, I really like it.  So I'm thinking of putting it away for a future great grandchild. Is that too weird?  My grands run from age 10 to 4 so we aren't talking about anyone getting this very soon.  (I'm pretty sure my children are through having babies.) What do you think?  Does it make sense to start a small stash of quilts for future greats?

I'm linking up with a few parties today. Check out Needle and Thread Thursday, Can I Get a Whoop! Whoop!, Beauties Pagent #93, and Finished or Not Friday.  I think that will keep all of us busy seeing what is new!  I hope you can relax with a cuppa and see what folks are working on. 

And, just a fun image at the end:

It's a UPC made into a bear.  I just laughed when I saw this one. It's on a package of Bear Bites from Kodiak Cakes. (A different take on Animal Crackers.) The cookies were supposed to look like a bear paw, a bear face and side facing complete bear. Unfortunately, they don't really look like the picture on the package. But they are pretty good cinnamon graham crackers.

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. Bonnie, your quilt reminded me of those "I Spy" quilts. Definitely a keeper in my opinion. As we know, quilts keep quite well for many years. Happy Stitching from me!

  2. TOO cute, Bonnie!! Saving for a great grand child is perfectly fine. Especially, if you have the space to store quilts... Why not! Just make sure you attach a label with your intentions for the quilt. If storage is an issue, that quilt will make an adorable donation.

  3. Cute quilt - perfect for a Grand or a Great-great Grand box. My sister has been stashing things for her future GGGs for years. The bear UPC symbol is clever.

  4. What a lovely quilt! I know someone is going to love it!!!

  5. Such a cute quilt! I love that dancing block design. Gotta remember to use that one for fun focal prints like these. The embroidered blocks add a really nice touch, too. I know a lot of people put away quilts for future babies, so you're in good company :)

  6. Fun! A copy of Treasure Island should accompany this quilt! The quilting over the top of the embroidery looks like it worked great! Yes, definitely put this away for future GGC. My grandma gave my sister, the youngest grandchild, a baby quilt while she was still single and not seeing anyone. Grandma was in Heaven by the time my sister had her first child, but she had a quilt from her!

  7. This is such a great quilt!! and yes!! if you like it ( which I do!!) keep it for your family!!! Totally acceptable!!

  8. Such a fun quilt! You should definitely keep it. I have a couple that I can't part with just yet, I'm hoping at some point just the right owner will show up.


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