Sunday, September 20, 2020

Monday Meanderings 9 - 21 - 2020

Fun and productive week here!   On Thursday I took an online Embroidery Garden class to make a small Sewing Organizer.  It probably took me longer to pick and cut the fabrics than to make it.  Embroidery Garden is an online source of digital embroidery files.  They are well known for their wonderful In The Hoop designs.  

I spent part of Wednesday and Thursday preparing for the class.  The directions specified having all pieces cut and marked with letters before the beginning of class. So, I got the fabric ironed, cut, and labeled and put them in order of use.  And then turned on the computer and Zoomed into class.  I was doing great until I had a nest from the bobbin at step 7 or so. 

I hadn't been particularly pleased with the bobbin but I thought it was because of the slippery thread I used in it.  But just to make sure I pulled out my machine instruction book:  I was winding the bobbin incorrectly! (I've had the machine for almost 2 years! Who knew?) 

Here's where I stopped. Yes, that is a metallic hoop under the design and stabilizer.  The magnets are super strong and really do a great job of holding the project. To make a long story short, I watched the rest of the class but didn't sew along.  After a dinner break, I came back down and got it done. The finished design has one small area where you hand sew the front section close (or you can use an iron on adhesive piece.) The finished product slides over a horizontal plastic picture frame.  

I'm pretty sure I'll be making some more of these.  I've got this one sitting  next to my piecing sewing machine. (Not to confuse it with the newer machine I mostly use for machine embroidery.)   I was thinking I might be able to change the "to sew."  I'm not sure what else I could put there -- maybe a grandchild's name or ?? 

This design is only available if you take the class at Embroidery Garden. They also have great designs you might like to try on your own. 

That's it for today.  I've had a great week and will be sharing more project statuses either Tuesday or probably, Wednesday.  For now, I'm linking up with my Monday regulars: Oh Scrap, Monday Making and Design Wall Monday.  I hope you take some time to visit these three blogs and then see where they will lead you. 

By the way, whenever I mention a product, it is because I've bought it and used it.  (For instance, the cute Sewing Organizer from EG.) I do not monetize my blog -- it really is just a record of what I've been doing recently and a way to stay motivated to start and finish projects.  

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie


  1. that is very cute and good for you to take the class

  2. That is so cute!! I am always looking for neat organizing tools, but at some point how many do I really need? LOL

  3. A nice project! These contemporary script fonts can be hard to read, though. I had to look again to figure out that it says "to" sew.

  4. A fun and practical project. Slipping it over a plastic frame is a clever idea. Glad you were able to fix the bobbin problem and finish the project.

  5. That is so adorable!! I am glad you were able to finish it - and sorry about the bobbin - i hate it when that happens !

  6. What a cute project! Thank you so much for sharing your project and the link! Your project looks so cute, colorful and useful on top of that! Awesome!


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