Wednesday, September 16, 2020

To Do Tuesday -- Wednesday Morning Version

You might have noted I now have a floating Goals list -- sometimes I post on Tuesday and sometimes on Wednesday.  Yet, I always use Tuesday at the end of the day as my cut off for getting things done even if the blog post itself doesn't get done until sometime Wednesday.  I'll confess right now I actually got less done this past week than I expected to.  I got immersed in a book and had a fight with Ruthie the long arm.  Sometimes she won, and sometimes I did.  

Here's how I did last week: 


Trim log cabin blocks ✔️started

Start quilting customer quilt ✔️just 4 more rows out of 14 total

Make 1 scrap basket in red — made fabric but didn’t start sewing the basket yet

Bind one of my quilts — started 

Put borders on baby quilt. ✔️ Isn't this a cute little (40" sq or so) quilt? (I had to hang this on the ironing board because the design wall is full of log cabin blocks!) 

Hum, some of the pinwheel blocks don't look very even.  Oh well, I still like it, especially the little bunnies with hats carrying candy canes.

Here's what is on the list for this week. 


Finish quilting customer quilt

Prep pieces for Embroidety Garden Class

Attend Embroidery Garden Class Thursday 

Keep trimming log cabin blocks

Finish binding one of my quilts

Make 1 scrap basket in red

I'm really looking forward to the Embroidery Garden class.  It is a Sewing Stand that is made in a hoop then put over a horizontal plastic frame to hold it up. (I pulled the one pictured below off MollyMadeEmb on Etsy as she was selling kits for the class.)  I notice the design is not available on EG's web site as it is only sold through a class.  I've picked my fabrics, I just need to cut and mark them before the class tomorrow afternoon. Click this link to go to Embroidery Garden's web page to see other designs.  If you want to take a class be sure you to join their Facebook page to find out about classes.  There a several classes for some very cute projects and they fill up quickly!

I hope I can get most of these goals done this week.  I was doing pretty well with trimming the blocks until I ran into several blocks that wouldn't trim to 10.5" at all.  Back to the start as I had to retrim to 10.25" instead. Sigh. I will eventually finish trimming all these blocks. 

I'm linking up with To Do Tuesday, Midweek Makers and Needle and Thread Thursday.  Take some time and see what folks are working on. 

Just a small note of frustration with Blogger... it seems every time I write a blog something about Blogger has changed.  Today my space bar seemed to put 4 spaces in.  I closed out of Blogger and Safari and did something else for a few minutes before I went back.  Thank goodness that cleared the issue.  I'm not that upset with change but, honestly, to keep making little changes is driving me crazy! 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie


  1. I've found that writing a blog post the evening before the day's link up works better for me. The pinwheels are cute. Is the uneven appearance just an optical illusion?

  2. The pinwheel baby quilt is so cute, Bonnie - I love the little bunnies! Do you have a recipient in mind? I have found the constant changes to Blogger frustrating, too. I've been able to figure them out usually, but to have them keep coming after we think we've got it all under control is crazy!

  3. Hi Bonnie! Oh man, I don't like to hear about a fight between you and Ruthie. I wonder if your Blogger issue might be with Safari? Do you have access to a different browser like Chrome? That may solve your issue . . . or not. HAHA! You just never know but it's worth a try. Many software apps are not friendly with Safari. Anyhoo - your Embroidery Garden class sounds like loads of fun. I can't wait to see what fabrics you've chosen and what you think of the end result. Your baby quilt is very cute and I don't see an issue with your pinwheels at all. Thanks for linking up this week! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Blogger is frustrating for sure! Every time I work on a post something has changed. At least they fixed the annoying label/tag issue. My blog layout refuses to stay in the template I selected and have had for years. It will not post the right hand column. I’m trying to wait it out, but it’s maddening.

  5. I must say, that Tuesday link up does make me try to keep to my schedule a little better. I can't say how many times I have looked at my list on Sunday and then spent Monday trying to catch up! LOL. I think the pinwheels look fine, I can't see any issue.

  6. Your pinwheel quilt is so cute and the bunny fabric is adorable. I'll have to keep this one in mind for my kids' quilts. I find that the Wednesday and Friday linky parties help me keep on track with my finishes. I use Blogger and have no problems with it but I do have Chrome as my browser. And thank you SO MUCH for the information on the Accuquilt cutter. I've posted an update on my new Accquilt journey.

  7. Very cute baby quilt, especially the border bunny fabric.


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