Thursday, February 11, 2021

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day --- on Sunday.  Today I thought I would share my Valentine's Day quilts. Valentine's Day is well represented in my quilt collection.  So here are the ones I found to hang or put out this year.  I think I have one more but it's not out. 

In the early 90's I was on Prodigy one of the first Internet providers for consumers. There was a very active quilting group on it.  We had a lot of block swaps.  These are one set, 4" blocks with quarter square triangles set between.  I like how the quarter square triangles set off each heart block.  Some of the blocks were signed and I've actually found some of the gals on the Internet in the last few years.  Someday I'll probably see if I can find any of the others.  
At one time almost every quilt I made was a Mystery Quilt.  Marge at Delaware Quilts offered mystery quilts to folks who made donations to the American Cancer Society.  I subscribed on a regular basis and often made her quilts.  Some of her mystery quilts are available to purchase on her web site. This one was called Folk Art Hearts.  Also check out her block instructions collection. 
A little table runner.  I love the various fabrics in this one.  I used a heart design from the long arm to quilt each heart. 
My last Valentine quilt was made from blocks I won.  The Maryland guild has a monthly block opportunity.  I used to send a block when I moved away. I was happy to win these heart blocks.  I used the book Circle of Nines for the design. (It is no longer in print but I did find one by Googling the title.) I've been looking at my book recently and I can't figure out which design this is.  Most of the quilts are square.  Maybe I made it rectangular but I can't remember! 
I may have one more quilt but I've run out of places to hang them in the house.  There are several holidays that I need to make quilts for  -- maybe this year... or maybe not.  

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Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 


  1. Your heart quilts are so fun and appealing this time of year! Isn't it fun to get them out every year for decorating? I enjoy that, too!

  2. A great collection of heart quilts. I used and saved many of Marge’s patterns over the years. I haven’t visited her site in ages; perhaps it’s time for a return visit.

  3. I've got two heart quilts in stages of progress and a finished XO wallhanging (that I didn't hang this year). I've taken Bonnie Hunter's cute pumpkin table runner, Country Threads turkey quilt/hanging and a Christmas presents quilt/hanging to the longarmer a couple of weeks ago so I should be about covered! HA Love all your hearts!

  4. You have a wonderful collection of red hearts to warm up your Valentine!

  5. You do have a fabulous collection of Valentine quilts, Bonnie. I love them all. I hope to one day have such a collection. Thank you for such sweet inspiration. Happy Valentines.

  6. What an awesome Heart Collection!! They are all so pretty!

  7. Happy Valentines Day, Bonnie!!! Loved seeing your Valentine quilt show!!!

  8. You have a nice collection of Valentine quilts! I'm impressed that you have been online in those early years too. So cool that you've reconnected with quilters from those swaps. Did they recognize you too?


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