Sunday, February 28, 2021

Monday Meandering 3 - 1 - 2021

Are you ready for March?  To me, February seemed to drag by and yet it's the shortest month. Go figure! The week has been very productive for me though.  I read a couple of books and got just about all my goals ticked off the list.  It's taken me a couple of days to decide what I'm going to work on over this coming week. But I finally came up with a decent list.  Let's look at last week's goals list. 


Make blocks for the Anniversary top I cut out a block but didn’t work well by machine so it got sidelined.

Bind propellor quilt☑️  Will show on next post.

Keep making yellow fabric for basket☑️ Completely finished basket! 

Start a stripppy baby quilt ☑️ Top Done

Cut out & make more RWB Ohio Star blocks☑️ 1 done, 1 ready to sew 

The only finish I am sharing today is the new yellow basket. (Yellow was the RSC color for February so I decided to use it for the basket since gobs of the yellow scraps were out anyway.)

Once I make the fabric I iron on some Pellon Flex Foam  2 sided fusible. The lining fabric is on the other side. I've got enough for about 2 more baskets but after that I might just get regular Flex Foam without the fusible.  It doesn't adhere too well.  I was augmenting it with a spray adhesive.  Then I quilt all the oversized pieces.  Yep, I'm using 1" painter's tape to get my lines.  I'm not looking for perfection here -- just getting the job done keeping all the pieces together. 

You can read about how I made the red basket here.  Originally I thought it was a mistake to sew the basket together with right sides facing.  The pattern called for sewing wrong sides together and then put a binding on the seams.  Not paying attention I sewed RST and wasn't too happy about it on the red one. But I could easily add a piece on the top instead of more binding.  When I made the yellow one I decided it made a lot of sense to do it that way -- it was much faster than fussing with all the binding!  The only thing I'm not thrilled with is the handle of the dark yellow plaid.  Oh well.  It's done and now in use! 

I've been surprised about how many yellow scraps I have.  I use yellow sometimes but I didn't think I used enough to have a whole basket  of it left! 

And, now it has joined the red and purple baskets on the shelf.  

I've enjoyed being able to grab a basket and do a quick search for scraps over the last few months.  I will be starting another soon -- I just don't know whether I'll go with the RSC color that is green or perhaps opt for blue which is overflowing the bag I have it in. I'm need to move a handful of books on the left of this shelf to be able to fit the next basket.  I have another shelf with some books on it that I hope to clear to get a total of 8 baskets of scraps. 

My goal list for this week is ready to see some action on it. 


Make a couple masks 

Make more "Anniversary" blocks 

Quilt a charity quilt for FCQ 

Make 3 or 4 more blocks for FCQ Equilters 

Pull out the Chunky Churn Dash blocks to see if I need more blocks & make some as needed

Both Pat and I have decided it makes sense to have a few more masks each.  I bought some "nose" bridges that allow you to shape the top of the mask to your nose. I used pipe cleaners in the original ones I made.  They have held up surprisingly well although we always take them out before the mask hits the washing machine.  I'm not thrilled with making new masks but it shouldn't take all that long once I get started. 

I thought I'd share a Chunky Churn Dash block that I made today. 

Altogether now "Awwww."  I have a multitude of scraps that have dogs on them. When I saw this guy I decided he had to be in a block.  The Chunky Churn Dash blocks are a UFO from several years ago.  I have something like 30 blocks hanging around.  Approximately half are cutesy like this new one and the other group is nice but not kid oriented.  I divided the blocks and put the "nice" ones away for another time but started making cute ones and now have 20 of them.  I'll be putting them on the design wall to see whether that's enough or whether I'll add more to them or a go with block.  These blocks were on a list of projects I wanted to pull out and finish. (Hum, does that mean I'll pull out the other group and make another quilt? Time will tell!) 

One last thing.  When I was checking my library for ebooks this past week I realized they listed pages of magazines as being "new."  I wasn't thrilled as I went through the pages as I thought maybe there were new books coming in that I might have wanted to reserve or put on my wish list.  Eventually several quilting magazines showed up.  I checked out a Quiltmaker, McCall's Quilting, and Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting. These were all current issues and they had issues going back to 2018 available too.  I can read it in my laptop's browser.  I haven't tried it on my iPad.  I haven't subscribed to a quilting magazine in years.  This will be a fun option when I feel like browsing a magazine. (But, do I really need new ideas? I saw one I liked when I was checking the names and how I could read it to report on it here.) 

Although I could continue to babble on I think I'll end it here.  You know the drill -- I'm linking up with several fun linky parties.  You and I need to visit them to see what people are working on.  My line up: Oh Scrap!, Monday Making, Design Wall Monday, and To Do Tuesday

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie  


  1. What a clever use of the painter's tape, Bonnie! And I love how you fussy cut your puppy dog for your block center. :-)

  2. Lovely basket, great idea to add a handle. Cute doggy block ;)

  3. love those baskets...what a terrific idea!

  4. OH so in love with your baskets. And how fun they look lined up on their shelf. Always admire when folks can make pretty and also useful things. I also enjoyed your discussion today.

  5. Love the yellow basket and the plaid handle, too. Isn’t painters tape the best stuff. I keep two different sizes in my sewing room, and I’m always finding ways to use it.

  6. I love your baskets. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Cute basket, but adorable block!!!

  8. And here I was thinking, that plaid handle is sure clever and smart!

  9. I have some of the fusible foam and haven't used it yet. I wondered if you could get the glue hot enough to work without ruining the foam. I used the non-fusible in a duffle bag and was wishing I had gotten fusible. On a big item like that it was hard to keep it where it belonged.

  10. The yellow scrap basket turned out beautifully! Congrats on all the progress with your to do list. Hope you've done as well with this week's list.


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