Friday, June 28, 2024

A Couple of Finishes!

I've had quite a few finishes so far this year.  For some reason I haven't been posting pics of the finished quilts.  Here's hoping I can start sharing finishes once or twice a month until I have shared all the quilts I've finished this year.  

Here are a few I’ve already photographed.

First up is Thirtysomething.  I started this ages ago…the book by Gail Bong, was published in 1997. My guess is I started it in the late 1990s.  I also had a special ruler and a stand alone pattern dated 1996.  It was a great scrap user but the small blocks were fussy to make.  And, in its way, it wasted a lot of fabric.  I was happy when I  finally finished it.  

The quilting design is a stipple that was included with my computerized quilting set up.  It has been donated to Virginia Star Quilters.  (Notice some of my Rubber Ducky collection sitting on the quilt holder.)  Sorry I don't have any other pictures of the finished quilt. I was happy to move it on. 

Next up is my first Picket Star quilt. The blocks were from the FCQ Equilters.  When I emailed info about my block I included some pictures showing the colors I wanted in the blocks.  I don’t remember if this is the source I used for pictures but it was like this website, Design Seeds. (

The blocks are designed by Preeti Harris who blogs at Sew Preeti Quilts. You can find the pattern here.  This may look familiar to you as I’ve recently finished another top using the more “girly” colors of pink, purple and blues. (Ok, blue isn’t girly but the other two definitely are.) It's sitting in the to-be-quilted closet until I get backing for it.

Quilting design is Random Clams by Jessica Schick.  I like how much texture this design adds to a quilt. 

I used leftover backing for the binding.  I still have this quilt but it probably will be donated through the guild sometime.  

These photos were taken in mid March. Notice the blossoms on the tree behind.   Thanks to hubby for being my quilt holder.  

Say hello to Piggy who lives in our garden.  Our granddaughter gave us Piggy a long time ago.  She likes to move him around so we have to figure out where she's put him and bring him back to this spot so we can see him. I can see Piggy, this bit of garden, and our bird feeder from my sewing machine.  

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Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. I have that 30 something book/template, I know I did a runner with it a long time ago. Great finishes Bonnie!

  2. Very pretty finishes. Congrats on finishing both. It had to feel so good to finish off that older project. Happy stitching this weekend.

  3. Love the quilts AND Piggy, of course.

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  5. Wonderful finished quilts! Gail Bong lives here in Wisconsin and I have met her several times at quilt shows. I have that 30 Something book, too. You are so lucky to have a long arm machine. It makes your quilts look fabulous.
    Congrats on the finishes.

  6. Thanks for the great 'quilt show'! I don't think I have seen such a cute yard piggy before!


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