15 Minute Studio Spiff Up

Join me on my journey as I work on taking back my studio from the mess it has become.
I've started to clean up and organize my studio and I'm inviting you to join me. Every Wednesday I will post an area to do 15 minutes of clean up or organizing.  Set a timer, work for just 15 minutes to get that area cleaned up.  If you can't do it in one session you'll have 7 days to get the section done.  Some weeks you might be able to get done in a day or two.  Some weeks it will take more time.  Do the areas you want to work on and skip those you don't want to do.  I hope you join me over the next couple of months and get your studio Spiffed Up! 

If you miss a Wednesday post I will add links here so you can find each week's post.  This should be a really easy way to clean up and organize your studio.  Do a chunk each week and before you know it you'll be done.  

Happy Organizing and Quilting All! 


  1. I was wondering if you are going to have any more 15 Minute Studio Spiff Up.
    I really enjoyed working along with everyone doing clean up.
    You helped me get started, but I could use a little push. :)

  2. This is a very cool idea! I think I will join you and post on my weekly goals! Goodness knows my sewing/quilting den sure needs it!


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