Monday, July 6, 2009

Check Off Another Item on the List

Back to Ruthie... I spent part of today quilting with Ruthie. I made little melon shapes around the 4 patches of the purple quilt . The beginning was pretty sketchy... how do people get those nice smooth circles? The cirlce shown was done close to the end... and it looks fairly decent. You can see the wobbles in the dark purple. I used a varigated purple thread from Robison-Anton for top and bottom thread. No tension issues at all! YEAH. This was a 100% cotton. And, I'm fairly pleased with the results considering I haven't used Ruthie for at least a week. I used up a piece of batting I had hanging around -- it was a puffy polyester batt. Not my favorite but it was the right size for this one.

Here is the center of the quilt. I'd just decided it was time for lunch and snapped a picture before I left.

And on the right -- the quilt draped over Ruthie. (I love it when I see photos like this on other blogs. Unfortunate
ly, my room is red which really changes the quilt colors and it doesn't have much room to get a long picture!) You can't see the machine in this photo... it was at the other end of the rails!

The 4 pantos I bought arrived today. Hum, I wonder if I can get another quilt on the frame tomorrow?

This is called Popcorn and is designed by Willow Leaf Studio, Jodi Beamish. This is a Canadian company so I was happy I could buy it through Kings Men Quilting Supply. I could have bought way more than 4 pantos but there is a limit to how much I can spend at a time. You can get thread there too. I'll share the other pantos in a later post.

It's time to figure out dinner because the casserole I thought was in the freezer -- wasn't. Hum, perhaps it is time for pizza again.

Happy Quilting All!

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  1. Hi Bonnie,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes I'm doing the baskets in cotton and the rest in wool. I have a local quilt shop that sells wool for applique and I bought some gorgeous wool from Keepsake Quilting too.

    My LA has done popcorn on a few quilts I have given as makes up just beautifully.
    Happy sewing


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