Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday's Adventures...

At the end of Saturday, my bannister was brimming with quilt tops. The Christmas log cabin, daisy and fan quilt are Jenny's. The blue log cabin is Sharon's. There are two of my quilts under these.

After Pat's famous Puff Pancake, Jenny, Brian and Kona headed for home. Sharon and I headed for a local quilt show. It was a very nice show in a new venue for Milford Quilt Guild. There was a nice group of vendors that Sharon and I visited and left some of our money at.

I took pictures of quilts that struck my fancy, not the really wonderful quilts. I liked the pinwheel quilt and thought it would be a very easy quilt to make for charity. (and would bust some stash.)

Sharon wanted
pictures of the circles because it was a challenge. The quilters came up with lots of setting ideas.

After we got home we all went out on the boat to show Sharon a bit of Lake Wallenpaupack. It was a beautiful late afternoon albeit a bit crowded. Guess what we figured out?
Along with enjoying chewing (and sometimes eating) fabric, Raggs likes to chew on rope for the boat. Whoa dog! Not the tie ups, please.

We've got more news to impart -- but things are beginning to calm down!

Happy Quilting All!

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