Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Home Again

Jen and I made it to Maryland on Sunday evening. Huge clouds were visible north and west of Baltimore when we arrived. Thank goodness they stayed there. Very hot and humid at the airport. Driving south to Silver Spring saw the temps going down as well as the humidity.
How is this for a cool peach? I forget what road we were on but did have to snap a photo through the windshield going about 65 miles an hour. (not bad for a point and shoot camera!) I think we were in North Carolina at this point, but it could have been South Carolina.

As usual, I got a pic of Jenny -- we're in the van that takes us to the parking lot the car is sitting in. Jenny grabbed the camera to take this picture to prove that I was actually on this trip. Hey, it was my camera and I didn't just pass it over! For what it's worth, here I am also in the van to the parking lot.

What was Brian doing while Jen and I were in the South? Tooling around in our BMW
convertible. Hey, B, you look good in it! And, how many miles did you drive? LOL

I am definitely ready to get back to sewing again. I should get a half day of sewing in on Thursday, tomorrow I'll be at the normal Wednesday sewing group where I'll be knitting a baby sweater. I'm about half way done. Thank goodness cause the baby shower is Sunday. Pat, Raggs and I will be going back down to Maryland on Saturday. I'm skipping the Hershey quilt show this year because we need to go to a community association meeting Saturday am. Hope to get back to it next year.

Happy Quilting All!

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