Friday, July 24, 2009

Road Trip Day 2

Our trip in pictures . . . Since I have the camera all of these pictures are of Jen. Here we are just getting our rental car. We've got a 2+ hour drive to Greensboro. While there we visited Randy's Quilt Store. A very large store with a nice coffee shop/seating area for hubbys to hang out in while the wives shop. I got a couple of spools of thread to use on the Bunny Hill BOM.

Here's my black mail picture of Jenny! She was still asleep when I woke up. (of course it was my snoring that kept her up half the night. Tonight SHE gets to go to sleep first!)

Jen hanging out at the college fair at Eastern Music Festival. Most of the students had gone on to their next rehearsal by this point. We were very creative with her U. of MD School of Music banner since the tables were really small. Any one want info on the Univ. of Maryland School of Music. I can arrange to have something sent out to you. LOL.
Mary Jo's Fabric Store Woot! Woot! Jen bought a lot of backings -- I refrained -- bought 2 fat quarters. FYI Mary Jo's does not sell Moda. Prices are $1.50 to $2.50 less than other quilt stores.
We hit a Waffle House for dinner and we both opted for Pecan Waffles. YUM! Another 2 hour drive got us to Brevard. More tomorrow...

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