Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Love Shack Class

Love Shack is a Bonnie Hunter class that is not in any of her books.  It is liberated quilt making.  Sometimes I can go liberated and sometimes not.  Last Thursday I was all about liberated once I learned a few things from Bonnie.
I feel sorry for her when every snap I have of her I've caught her with her mouth open.  That is actually good as a student because she was explaining how to do something.  And she does an excellent job explaining.  We had big numbers for each day we were together.  But Bonnie handled it easily.  She circulated on a regular basis.  We enjoyed listening to her and talking to her.  She is a down-to-earth gal.  And she definitely knows her stuff.  Now I know a little of her stuff too!
This quilt hung in our classroom all day.  I owned the book the free form letters came from but I've never really tried to do any.  Bonnie taught us the L and the V.  I was able to figure out the E and the O based on her written instructions and her comments.  The V is definitely the most difficult.  I'm happy to say mine turned out great!  And I'll probably take that book out to see how I can use those letters on something else.
Maria is a dynamo and after a very full day she went home and finished up her top.  Her houses were done differently than the pattern, but this whole class was all about liberated quilt making.  Look at the dog hanging out of the window!  Check out the home construction fabrics.  Fun quilt. 

This class started after the lecture in the morning.  We got going at noon and finished at 7 pm.  I was EXHAUSTED.  Heck, I was still tired from my Tuesday adventure. (I''ll share that with you eventually!) 
Here's a row of quilters working away.  Barbara is the first in the row, Stephanie is the third.  I'm not sure of the names of the other two gals.  New gals have joined Faithful Circle Quilters since I was an active member and the class was opened to non-members too.  The tables were set in "circles" around  the center posts that had the power outlets.  Luckily we didn't blow any circuits with over 25 sewing machines and 4 irons. 
My Love Shack isn't very far along.  I do have 5+ string blocks that go on the outside done but at the time I took the picture I didn't have them trimmed up. Being the dog lover I am I had a dog in every window. Sharon and I worked on them Saturday morning.  When I was grabbing my strings and scraps and precutting the houses I was thinking "Beach House."  So I've tried to use beachy colors as much as possible.  We'll see if that is the feel you get once I get this finished.  
Here's Sharon's. Lucky girl!  She got her top done while I drove home!

I'll post the pics from Talkin' Turkey soon.  Tomorrow will be a 15 Minute Studio Spiff Up post. Yikes, my studio looks almost as bad as when I started this spiff up.  I've got several quilts I'm trying to get done in the next 4 weeks.  Sadly, none are for me.  Hopefully, Love Shack will become a top during that time. And, maybe I can actually quilt it too!

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Happy Quilting All! 


  1. The class you took with Bonnie Bonnie (LOL) looks totally fun and those quilts are terrific! I would put dogs in the windows too.

  2. I'm green with envy of your experience AND your quilt. The pattern is cute!

  3. I have Love Shack on my to do list..have heard it is doable from the freebies online since I don't have the pattern since it is only for a class. Love these that you shared!


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