Wednesday, April 22, 2015

15 Minute Studio Spiff Up #16

It's time to move on to another area to consider spiffing up.  This may not seem like it belongs with the Studio Spiff Up items but really, it will help you out.  This week's area is 

Spiff Up your computerized files where you've stored all your quilting ideas.

Now that we've (well, ok, you) have organized almost your entire studio it's time to organize your quilting/sewing/embroidery files on your computer. 

My major file for quilty things on my computer is called "Quilting Updated 8 .15 .11."  I reorganized my files in 2011 and used the date to identify my up-to-date file from my older file.  I've tried to keep myself organized but it hasn't happened in every area.  

This is a section of my quilting file.  I've tried to make files for my major areas.  Into those files go individual items or files as appropriate.  Here is a list of some of my files -- mostly ones that are full of subfiles. 
Applique Blocks/Quilts; Aprons; Block of the Months, Bonnie Hunter Quilts, Christmas Crafts/Quilts; Holidays; Misc. Projects or Gifts; Mug Rug Patterns; Mysteries by Others; Mysteries for Relay; Pieced Quilts; Pillowcases; Purses and Bags; Quilting Tips; Quiltville Quilts; Scrap Quilt Instructions; Sewing Patterns Not Quilts; and Table Runners.  These are a start.  I do tend to look at the various items in my files from time to time.  

In addition to the major category Quilting Updated 8. 15. 11 I have a file for Machine Embroidery that includes designs and another for tips.  I keep all my embroidery designs on my Macintosh because it is my primary computer.  When I want to use a design I put it on my thumb drive and transfer it to the sewing machine's computer.  I do the same thing with designs for my long arm.  By doing this, especially for my long arm designs, I actually have a back up file.  

One thing I use as a surf the web and find something I really like is a PDF converter.  I use Web 2 PDF.  I can't change anything on the web page and the resulting file is often clunky to scroll through but it does help me find tutorials, blocks and quilts I like.  

We will be winding down our 15 minute Studio Spiff Up soon.  I have a few more categories that still need work on.  Let me know if there is some area you think we should try to do.  I'll be happy to add it one of these weeks.  I've had pretty good luck keeping my cutting tables free of too much junk and scraps recently.  In fact yesterday I trimmed up and stored several pieces of fabric left over from the backing of a quilt.  

Happy Quilting All!  


  1. Oh dear, this declutter could take weeks!

  2. Just so you know, my studio is much more organized, but it is far from being done. Don't worry about going through some areas again. LOL
    Oh boy, this is a big one. LOL
    It will take more than a week. but, I hope that anything I do will be better than it is.
    Let's see my bags file seems fairly in order.
    I would like to add in gifts, types of quilt, who knows what other category.
    Now to get something done.
    Thank you for helping.

  3. just now got my 'puter back so the files were done before I got this new one! woo hoo! But I think I still have some scraps to deal with. :{


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