Thursday, October 1, 2009

More Fabric Used -- Less Purchased

Beginning of the month means reporting on fabric ins and out. Let's hear it for the outs! Pat says I don't have much fabric especially when I show him pictures of other quilter's stash. But, I feel I have more than enough. And, using up some feels great. If I could make a decent dent in the fabric then I could buy more. What a rational!

Here's my report for fabric usage from September.

Fabric used: 8.5 yards

Fabric purchased: 1.5 yards

Net fabric USED from stash: 7 yards


Year to date fabric used: 71.875 (71 7/8ths) yards

Year to date fabric purchased: 82.875 (82 7/8ths) yards

Net Year to date USED from stash :(11) yards

I am still not in positive numbers for stash usage over the year but I have a couple of quilts that are close to quilting. I wonder if I can get two or even three quilts finished this month. One just needs borders. I already have the backing. That could be done. And, I need to not buy anything for this month. Fat chance!

Happy Quilting

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