Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What Do You Mean It's Been a Week?

ARGH! I didn't mean to ignore my blog buddies! Honest. I have been super busy for some of the days but certainly not all of them. While Pat was busy getting estimates on repairing the house and getting that tree taken down, I was back and forth with appointments.

Raggs had his ears checked . . . long droopy eared dogs get ear mites and yuck. I try to be good but just wasn't quite on top of it as I should have been. So, he was at the Vet first thing. Then, I had a teeth cleaning.

And then an eye appointment. Have I mentioned I can't read very well? Well, actually, I read very well I just can't see up close that well.

Notice the glasses picture? The tech ran into some problems with my frames while trying to measure the prescription. Yikes. I have what used to be called Coke bottle glasses. Astigmatism, nearsightedness and bifocals. I can't see without my glasses. Luckily I had brought the glasses I used before the ones to the left. I am now seeing with those but even worse than before! Surprisingly this prescription isn't that far off for distance but isn't all that good for close up. Needless to say the tech was upset and the whole office was bending over backwards for me. It was getting so late that afternoon that I couldn't even order the new glasses as I was going to be late for my library volunteer time. And, when that was over we were off to a meeting of community associations we attend as representatives of our community association. (er, um, and it is a fairly boring meeting but we still go to...I sit and knit through it.)

I thought I'd spend Friday sewing to my heart's content. Um, wrong again. I had a meeting for my community on their web site. (Why did I get on all these committees?) So after that I went off to order the new glasses. Then went to pick up a pattern I'd asked my quilt shop to order for me. A quick fast food lunch -- a real treat for me as it's 30 minutes to any fast food locations and I like to go out to eat, even if it is just fast food! Then, I had a pedicure. Ah, does that feel good. I now am sporting hot red toes!

On my way back from the "big city" Saturday I
snapped this picture of the trees. Not a great picture but you can see some of the yellow, oranges and reds on the hillside. Since then, many of the leaves have blown off. And the weather people mentioned the possibility of the "S" word. I don't think it will happen although it did snow in October last year.

The rest of the week seemed to continue like that. I have been doing some piecing. I've got a doll size quilt ready to stitch in the ditch. I've made the block that is used for a nametag for one of the guilds I am in. I've been doing a little knitting. And, oh yeah, I've been reading the newest Diane Gabaldon book, Echo in the Bones. It's long and with not quite right glasses, taking me quite a while to read.

I also ordered new sock needles. I broke and lost some of the needles. I finished my last pair on a needle that was about 4" long along that I had sharpened in my pencil sharpener and then sanded so that I could continue to make my socks. I mail ordered these and when the box arrived I realized it may be the exact same yarn I used on the socks I just finished. (I wore them yesterday and loved them!)

Must get ready for Wed. quilting. Then a guild meeting tonight. I'll try to do better on getting news up on the blog. I should have more photos to share too. Take care all.

Happy Quilting All!

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