Friday, January 15, 2010

Cute Little Things

I've been having a great time visiting my friends this week. Wednesday night I had dinner with my stamping buddies. We taught at the same school for many years but now only two are still there. Four of the five of us were there. Good times and good Chinese food.

Thursday I spent much of the day with Sharon. She graciously allowed me to share photos of a couple of cute little things. First is a pin cushion made by a fellow member of Faithful Circle Quilters, Jeanette. (forgive me if I have spelled it wrong and/or have the completely wrong person!) Isn't this just the most darling little pin cushion. Neat embroidery all around. The bottom is formed over a soda bottle cap. Just too cute for words!

This next one is a little basket. It is made out of fabric, quilted, satin stitched over the edges and then made into the basket. Sharon and I can't figure out if there is something between the layers or not. We think it might just be starched fabric. But, again, too, too cute. This was made by some one in FCQ as it was given out to everyone in attendance at one of the luncheons.
I was pleasantly surprised to see that I am suppose to be quilting or knitting tonight. Yikes, I was making marinara sauce tonight so that I can make lasagna for Kevin's birthday celebration tomorrow evening. But I did sew this morning and have the tote bag kit Kevin gave me for Christmas more than half way done. If I have time I'll try to finish it tomorrow. (I'm aiming to use the 2 3/4 yards of fabric I had to add to my totals last year.) The bag is going together well and should look really cute. And, heaven knows I can always use another tote bag.

Tomorrow I'm planning on SHOPPING for fabric. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am planning on purchasing some fabric -- not just look. I need a piece to go with two others I've pulled from my stash that I plan to use on a Mystery for Relay mystery next Friday. (It's not too late to join click on the link and tell Marge you want to have some fun too. Remember this is a fund raiser for cancer research.) I'm also going to get a small piece to make a little basket quilt for a challenge on Small Quilt Talk on yahoo groups. Unless I fall totally in love with it I plan to donate to Faithful Circle for a silent auction we'll be doing at the quilt show in April.

Time for me to get to the airport to pick up Pat. He's been in Texas attending a conference. We'll be heading back to PA sometime on Sunday. Weather here was up to the 50's today. I sure hope northeast Pa has moderated temperature-wise.

Happy quilting all!


  1. Cute, cute pincushions! Hope you had fun at Sew-In....I did!

  2. Love the pin cushion.. hey did you manage to get anything done for the Friday night sew-in..?????
    Cath Ü

  3. Those little pincushions look good enough to eat. Yep you need to figure out that little (I will call it) tulip basket. I would love to see how that is done, such great little retreat gifts.


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