Monday, January 31, 2011

Design Wall Monday 1-31-11

Wall 1 is a repeat with a bit more blocks added and several sewn in rows. 

I pulled out this mystery for relay quilt from last March. I had several ideas for finishing this last night as I hung it.  Even started figuring out sizes of borders to make up.  Then this morning as I was slowly waking up I thought of something else I wanted to try.  So, I'm ready to go on this one but will work on finishing the quilt on Ruthie today. 

I will be quilting this with a free motion something... probably a meander as it goes quickly and I want this finished this month! And, darn, I don't have enough of the green to do the binding.  I'm hoping I have enough of the stripe being used as a backing. And, there was NO purple left not even enough for a string for a string quilt.  (Yep, I am coming to the time where I admit to used and acquired fabrics.  OMG.  I was so bad... but had a great time being bad!  I'll share pictures tomorrow of what I brought into the house.) 
Lest you think I am ignoring my knitting.  Here's the little hat I finished last week.  The shrug is being put together.  Auntie Aimee is holding Sophia.  And, look she's found her thumb.  Sophia did really well on Saturday as everyone gathered at Auntie Aimee's new house to celebrate Christmas and Aimee's and Kevin's birthday.  
Let's see how I did on the most recent weekly plans:

     • Finish pinwheels & 16 patches   Pinwheels done, still need some more 16 patches, started on border pieces. 
     • Make a sample block for the snow quilt  Didn't even think about it...
     • Finish putting together the shrug for Sophia (knitting)  It's getting closer but not finished yet.
     • Finish the hat that goes with the shrug for Sophia (knitting) Yep, doesn't she look cute in it? 
     • Layout the center of the scrap quilt and sew into a top  In process.
     • Start making the triangle borders  Started
     • Quilt & bind one baby quilt -- or two... One done, 2nd ready for quilting... 

Not too bad but didn't get everything done.  Was busy with other things Friday and visited Kevin and Aimee on Saturday.  

This week's list: 
     • Finish rail fence quilt. (on Monday!)
     • Finish the center of the scrap quilt. 
     • Finish the shrug? 
     • Start the border on the Mysteries for Relay quilt. 

That's it.  I'm not going to make it all that long in hopes I can get it all done. Plus, I'm thinking of having a tea for some of the ladies in the neighborhood so would end up having to clean house a bit if I do that.  

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Happy Quilting All!  


  1. Very nice! sometimes we just have to bring some new fabrics in. I am on a "diet".

  2. You are just so productive! I love the star quilt.

  3. For the rail fence, I would look at combining the green and stripe for the binding. If you have enough that would make a great binding.

  4. Gracious but you've been busy! And all such pretty things, too -- right down to that darling Sophia! :)

  5. That little hat is just adorable!

  6. Sophie is a cutie in the hat. She is going to melt some hearts!

  7. Love both of the quilts, scrap quilts are my favorite.

  8. Love both of your scrap quilts! Both are great ways to use up 4 patch blocks!

  9. I'm working on that patches & pinwheels quilt. My bee is swapping half square triangles and four patches and I'm still cutting them down to the right size.

    Yours looks great. Very encouraging! :-)


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