Thursday, February 10, 2011

Finished Quilt Top Photo

Good Morning  or afternoon or evening... you get the picture. 

I promised a picture of the quilt top I finished last week.  Here is what I did with the Mysteries for Relay #13, also called Super Duper Easy.  Well, basically it was easy but no one said how time consuming. 

Unfortunately I don't have all the great wall space that the Poconos house had so the best I could do with this photo is spread it out on the bed and take a photo.  I finished  the star points half with the same dark points throughout the quilt and half in beige with a dark border.  The corners where the light and dark meet are half square triangles.  

I am ready to quilt it but I don't have any pieces of backing big enough (well that aren't 6 yards of fabric that I don't want to use on this quilt.) I'm going to reevaluate the stash and see if I can find two pieces of fabric I could put together to make a backing.  And, I think I'll look into triangle method of making a backing -- basically cut your fabric diagonally and then bring the top triangle down until you have the correct width/length.  It means working on bias but I sure don't want to buy more fabric after my wild January.  

Here's another Sophie picture from a couple of weeks ago.  (Hey, I haven't been doing a great job on quilting photos but I don't mind sharing Sophie.)  I almost had a picture of Raggs laying in the bookshelves last night but he moved when I got my camera. Drat. 

I finished the borders on the baby quilt but it will probably be given to a different charity as it is black mostly and that just doesn't make it as a baby quilt if you ask me! Didn't sew the last few days as I had a small group of ladies from the neighborhood over for tea and a craft.  I showed them how to make a card using rubber stamps.  They loved it so we'll probably do it again next month. I'll share the card fronts with you after V day.  

I'm off to the Y now. Happy Quilting All. 


  1. I love what you did with the borders - good looking quilt there. I love the picture of Sophie. Such a beautiful baby for grandma to love!!!!

  2. I, too, like the borders on this quilt. They're q perfect. Nice Job.

  3. Wow..I LOVE this one!! I agree with the others..the borders are perfect!!!

  4. Cute! Actually darling, love the chubbie cheeks!

    And I like your SDE too, nice job!

  5. What a cute little cherub! Oh, and the quilt is cute too. Does look time consuming.

  6. Love scrappy quilts and stars! Great job.
    I hate digging around for backing fabric too, it always seems the fabric that is best you have the least of.
    Sweet baby! I am going over to see my grandbabies today, now that we are not contagious anymore. :)


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