Sunday, February 13, 2011

Guild UFO Challenge

My small guild here in Virginia is doing a UFO challenge.  I ran one of those for my guild in Maryland many years ago and was quite pleased to finish up several ancient UFO's.  We were asked to bring the UFO's to our meeting this month and fess up.  Well, at least that is how I viewed it... some just viewed it as show and tell with unfinished items.  And, man some of the quilts were gorgeous.  

As everyone stood up, told the history of their UFOs and showed them there was a lot of oohing and ahhing.  The program chair was writing a list of each person's UFOs.  I happened to go last and whipped out my printed list of items.  Needless to say I got a round of laughs at that.  As I explained, I am easily distracted and wanted to have a continual reminder of the items I should be working on for this challenge. 

So, with no further ado, here are my 7 8 items I want to finish between now and the second Saturday in August. 

1.          Fourth of July banner
2.      4” Valentines blocks 1992
3.       Bumble Bee quilt
4.        Super Duper Easy (Mystery 13)
5.       Bunny Hill 2009 BOM (A Tisket, A Tasket)
6.        Make Your Point Scrap Quilt
7.       Disappearing 9 Patch
8.        4” Easter blocks from 1993
 Some of these are ready to be quilted, others are collection of blocks.  I hope to get at least 4 of these completely finished (hey, I'm being realistic here!) I would be darn happy if I get 6 done, and I'd be floating if all 8 were finished. Wow, wouldn't that be something! 

Rather than continue about what I want to get done, I think it is time to go work on one of these!  Stop in tomorrow to see what is on the design wall.  I've been trying to work on things that you all haven't seen for the last 3 weeks or so!  
Happy Quilting All!  

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