Monday, August 8, 2011

Design Wall Monday 8/8/11

Long time followers know I show my design wall every Monday and post goals for the week.  I started this  because Judy at Patchwork Times has a page I can link to and folks can easily visit a lot of design walls and see what people are working on.  I find it is a great habit to do this -- here's why: 

1) I really try to get most of the things done on my goal list done so when I "confess" I have some progress to admit to! 
2) I try to keep new things on the design wall 
3) I like lots of people visiting the blog -- I'm not sure "If I write it they will read" really works so I'm happy to have the publicity. 

Here's the problem -- Judy is moving this week and it will be a bit before she has her internet service up and running again. So hopefully she'll post her Design Wall Monday link soon and we can all pop into Patchwork Times and go visit lots of wonderful design walls.  So don't forget to visit Design Wall Monday at Patchwork Times. No worry -- here's what's on my design wall today: 
This is the center of a quilt that will be donated to raise funds for breast cancer research.  I've had this way too long to admit to.  In fact I think I totally forgot about it for a while... yikes! But now it is out and on the design wall to be worked on. My initial thoughts are to put it on point.  I'll add some flying geese or half square triangles around the outer edge or both -- one around the block before it is made larger and again after it is put on point.  Of course, I need to do some looking at quilt books and magazines to see what strikes my fancy.  Pam will hand quilt this so she will need some space to show off the quilting ... hence big white triangles!  I'll keep you posted on this one. 
I am finally getting around to doing a twister quilt.  I'm going to practice with this little quilt to see what I can come up with. I grabbed a bunch of precut squares and added one or two more to make this beginning.  I ran out of time to actually try the cutting part.

Argh -- the photo uploader isn't doing what I want it to do... so I'm just going to leave this on the side! Here's the finished top -- disappearing 9 patch. 

Goals for Week of 8/1/11
Finish Jennie the Baker’s quilt
Finish ripping out Winter Rail Fence ¾ done, quilt it again Ordered new threads so waiting for them to arrive
Make and apply binding for Winter Rail Fence
Go on field trip with quilt group to new store
Plan borders for charity round robin with FCQ Equilters I've got a few ideas... 
Go shopping to outlet stores postponed…
Sew disappearing 9 patches together
Back burners to dos: quilt red and white baby quilt, chunky churn dash and Quilts for Kids quilt. 

Goals for week of 8/8/11
Finish Twister top, quilt, bind
Make Bow Tote
Quilt & Bind Chunky Churn Dash
Go shopping at outlet stores
Figure backing for Disappearing 9 Patch
Get fabric “entries” for retreat weekend made
Quilt any of the following quilts: red & white baby quilt, Quilts for Kids quilt, Disappearing 9 patch

That's it for this Design Wall Monday.  Happy Quilting All! 


  1. You have some great projects in the works. I agree that the applique block will look good on point. I'm curious to see it progress.

  2. I too want to say that Judy's Monday mornings have kept me sewing. Lots of time I hear a nap calling me on Sunday but I think - oh if I don't sew I won't have anything to post! Great projects!

  3. Your applique work is gorgeous. I don't applique so I am always attacked to it.

  4. Lovely applique block!
    You have the fun part of the twister coming up...enjoy!

  5. Your applique center is beautiful. I like your idea about combining the design wall Monday with a set of weekly goals. I'm such a procrastinator, but if I've publicly set goals on Monday, you can bet that by Saturday (more likely, on Saturday), I'll have 'em finished (or close to it)!! :)

  6. Judy's blog keeps me on my quilting toes too! I love your appplique block! I've just finished a breast cancer donation quilt too as have the rest of the 9 people in my quilting group. We'll get this disease conquered yet!!

  7. that applique block is just gorgeous!! I agree on point is spectacular.

  8. I can hardly wait until Monday to post and see other Design Wall's, even when Judy's is bare. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the applique block.

  9. Gorgeous applique, Bonnie! I haven't tried the twister but like the effect when I see it! D9P is one I need to remember for a fast quilt. I like all the colors in yours.

  10. Found your blog through Kathy and enjoyed seeing your work. Great eye candy.


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