Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Yep, we had a little earthquake here in Central Virginia.  5.8 on the Richter scale.  We live about an hour from the epicenter.  But I was off shopping in Richmond.  Nice ride and I really didn't think it was an earthquake.  I thought a big train must have been going by close by.  No, no train going by.  Definitely an earthquake.  Within about 15 minutes both of my kids had checked in with me.  

Here's my earthquake damage.  Yep, a plastic bag fell down from the shelf. And that's it.  I didn't even see anything that moved on table tops or shelves.  Much better than a couple of my neighbors who had a little breakage.  

And now we're getting ready for hurricane Irene. We'll probably only get rain and we'll be in Maryland over the weekend. 

After the quake, I kept shopping.  And, YEAH!  I've got a dress for the wedding and I love it!  Only downside is I need black shoes.  I checked out the two pairs of nice black shoes I own.  Here's what I found.   I have no idea what happened to them.  I dropped them on the floor and stepped into them.  They were stuck to the hardwood floor.  The soles were completely rotted out. Yikes.  The second pair had a broken strap and and didn't fit. So both of these pairs were dumped in the trash.  Next week my "consultants" and I are going shoe shopping. 

No quilting has been done yet this week.  Today I'll be quilting the red and white baby quilt.  I'm irritated with my backing.  The quilt is 42 1/2" square.  But the backing fabric is only 40" wide. ARGH!  So today I will piece the back and then load it up on Ruthie.  Pictures will be posted after I get it done.  At some point I need to cut some binding for it and the last two quilts.  

Now it is off to the Y so I can do my walk.  

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. We were eating lunch and definitely felt the house move and we are outside of Raleigh. Told my DWH - that was not normal and I did not like the feeling. No Damage.

    Can't wait for pictures of the dress and shoes from the wedding. Happy hunting. Judy C in NC

  2. I see you wear your dress shoes as often as I do! LOL

  3. Those shoes could be mine lol. So glad you didn't have any damage from the earthquake!

  4. I haven't worn my dress shoes for nearly five years, so I would probably find something similar in my closet.

    Glad to hear that all was well after the shaking stopped.

  5. Glad you didn't have any damage!! Enjoy your shoe shopping

  6. Hey, that's not fair! Here I am, farther away in Columbia with a room where the floor is covered with stuff that fell off shelves and other horizontal surfaces and out of the closet. One of my Ikea tall Billy bookcases pulled its anchor out of the wall. I hope it doesn't fall down before I get the floor cleaned up and figure out how to re-anchor it.

  7. Well, how did you make out with Irene????


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