Sunday, September 25, 2011

Something's on Ruthie

I put together the small quilt that I made from the FCQEquilter's blocks to me from earlier this summer.  I know, I said I would do it at the retreat but, honestly, it was done in a jif.  Here's the layout I chose for this. 
 This pantograph is Popcorn from Willow Leaf Studios.  Two plus years ago when I first got Ruthie, I couldn't do this pantograph worth a hoot.  It was lumpy and bumpy and generally was embarrassing.  I really love how this one looks on quilts and I am so happy it is now in my repertoire.  
I will be using it on the next quilt I have to do also, a quilt from a Quilts for Kids quilt kit.  I've had two quilts way too long.  One is done and the other still needs quilting and binding. Time to get it finished. 

Jenny L --- skip this part of the post... 

                       We found this spider making a web and nest? on the side of the garage door.  It was huge and seemed a bit fuzzy.  YUCK.  Sorry, it is no longer there.  

Time to get going this morning.  Happy Quilting All.  


  1. Love the quilt. Spider -- not so much, LOL.

  2. Good choice of pantograph for the quilt.

    I'm not crazy about 8-legged creatures either, especially when they are making themselves at home.

  3. *shudder* It does seem to be spider season at the moment.

  4. I can tolerate the smaller spiders, but those big hairy ones---scare me. I really like the Popcorn panto. It was one of the first I invested in, and I use quite often. Looking good!

  5. oh that looks like a gross and deadly spider-glad it's gone. The quilt is great, I've admired that panto before. It looks like it would add nice texture to many types of quilts.


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