Monday, November 26, 2012

Design Wall Monday 11-26-12

Again, a lot that I have been working on is under wraps.  But what I can show you is my blocks for the first clue of Easy Street.   I have only done one other of Bonnie Hunter's mysteries.  And, it's not done and I only did half.  I loved the idea that she was doing an easier quilt this time around.  Hum, could that be where the name Easy Street came from?  I hope so.  
Here's what's done so far.  There are 50 in the bag with the orange tag.  I have a stack ready to be sewn at the sewing machine.  These are awaiting ironing and counting.  And, other strip sets to mix and match.  This has been easy, almost pain-free sewing of lots of units.  This is why: 
This is a Shape Cut made by June Taylor.  It has slots every 1/2".  You line up the fabric on a horizontal line and then cut in the slots.  I used it to cut my fabric into strips.  Then when sewn I arranged the strip sets on top of each other, remember to snug where the seams butt, and then I cut. Voila, I have a bunch of 2" units already lined up to sew into the 4 patches.  Wicked easy.  I LIKE it. 

It may look odd to see that horizontal line not on the edge of the fabric.  It's actually on the seam line. Yep, how cool is that? And, it is pretty darn accurate. I have two of these, one 12" wide and one 18" wide.  Now I just need to figure out how to cut 1/4" and 3/4".  Time to look at the instruction videos again. 

Week of November 19
Work on SS #6√ 
Work on Natalie’s Christmas present
Clean off cutting table didn’t happen, more got thrown on.
Load 16 patch scrap quilt on Ruthie
Enjoy Thanksgiving with the family (so what happen to the full check mark???) 
Week of November 26
Work on SS #6 (am I crazy, I’d like to make it queen size…)
Keep up with Easy Street
Work on Natalie’s Christmas Present
Sing Lessons and Carols on Sunday evening
Finish blocks for FCQ Equilter and get in the mail
Try again... clean off cutting table
Here are two ways to see great quilting inspiration this week.  Check out Patchwork Times for design wall inspiration.  And then check out Bonnie Hunter's blog Quiltville's Quips and Snips to see how folks are doing on their Easy Street quilt.

I leave you with pictures of the girls on Thanksgiving day... 
Sophia was working hard on her tricycle.  Her little tongue was tightly clamped out of her mouth. Too funny.  She was adamant about not wanting any help but Uncle Kevin was close behind her in case she started rolling down the little hill. The girl could really pedal that thing.  

Natalie was drooling like crazy in all of the pictures I took with my iPad.  But she was a very happy camper playing.  
Happy Quilting All!


  1. Your girls are precious! Glad you had a good time with them.

    Step 1 is simple....I predict that the subsequent steps will be more involved. I wonder where these 4Ps will be used?....

  2. The girls are so cute!! I have one of these rulers too and LOVE it. I get the most accurate cuts I've ever gotten using it. I never thought of looking for videos for using it. I'll have to do that - thanks!

  3. I just watched the video. I only have the old 12" shape cut, but I think I should be able to use a marker and draw a line at the 1/4" don't you? Thanks for the idea!

  4. Oh my, how quickly the girls have grown.

  5. You have a good start on your Easy Street, too! I know Bonnie H. said this one wasn't going to be as involved! Which one did you start before? The girls are just adorable.

  6. Of the 21 blog posts that arrived in my Google Reader today, three of you are making this quilt. Looks like fun.

  7. Adorable little ones! I'm loving watching Easy Street vicariously and Shape Cut Rulers are the best... good luck with the quilt~

  8. Loving your 4-patch fabrics. Looking forward to step 2.


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