Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Stash Busting

Here it is the bad news.

Fabric In Oct.       11.125 yards          Fabric In 2012       93.42
Fabric Out Oct.      7.785                   Fabric Out 2012     83.470   
Used In Oct:        -3.340                   Used 2012            -9.950

Hum, what can I say other than I've been a shopping fool.  Of course, much of my foolishness has been geared to Scrap Squad #5 and #6.  #5 is coming along very nicely and should be done in the next week or so.  #6 I've planned the fabric but haven't gotten much beyond that.  I have at least one of my quilts ready to be quilted but haven't taken the time as I'm busy on #5.  

Here's a photo of a cute teddy bear quilt I did for a customer. 

I used a lot of different fills to do the bear body but just couldn't figure out what to do to his head.  So gave her eyelashes, a little mouth, echoed the heart and gave curves to the inside of the ears.  But never could figure outwhat to do with the forehead.  Sigh.  I may not agree to do custom quilting again.  The pink is a little brighter than this because these were taken at night. 

On to the studio!  Happy quilting all.  


  1. Nice work on the Teddy Bear project.

  2. cute quilt bonnie and don't feel too little retreat in PA yielded nearly 40 yards; yeah, i know, it seems like a lot but really it doesn't LOOK like a lot...and about my scrappy quilt? it isn't done yet so no photos ready...thanks for stopping by


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