Monday, December 10, 2012

Design Wall Monday 12-10-12

Another week and we're closer to the end of the year.  Here's what I've got going: 
My Easy Street units are growing.  Unfortunately I haven't finished Clue 2 yet.  I'm about half way there but as you know it isn't my primary project.  And, honestly, the rest of life is getting in my way. 

And here's a sneak peak of Scrap Squad #6.  Finally, all the units are done and I've begun piecing the blocks together.  In fact nearly 20 of the 64 blocks are done.  I'm trying for 10 blocks a day amongst all the other stuff I am doing this week. 

One of the "other" things I am doing this week is preparing High Tea for my neighborhood tea group.  Usually we meet in the morning for tea and a bit of food.  We've been doing some alternative things recently including a Halloween party with hubbies, going to the symphony's Decorator House and a lunch out.  I decided to do a High Tea so every one will be at my house on Wednesday for an early high tea (2pm rather than later in the afternoon).  So, I'm making cucumber sandwiches (and I don't even like cucumber) little cookies, fruit salad, chicken salad sandwiches and tea.  That's been the focus the last few days.  

Do you remember this post about attending a High Tea at Sweet Simplici Tea?  Scroll down to the tea pots in their cozies.  Yep, I finally made one.  It turned out very much like the one in the picture although it seems a bit bigger around the middle which could just be based on the size of my tea pot.  I'll be doing a tutorial to make your own tea cozy sometime in January.  
Now, how did I do on my weekly goals? 

Week of December 3
Get SS #6 into top form √ but not a top yet
Keep up with Easy Street √ help! I’m falling behind
Finish Fcq Equilter blocks and get in the mail blocks done and will be mailed today
Work on Natalie's Christmas present I don’t think I worked on this at all.

Week of Dec. 10

Work on SS #6
Work on Easy Street 
Finish decorating the house
Clean the kitchen, wash kitchen floor
Prepare High Tea for my neighborhood group

That's it for me.  I'm linking up with Judy's Patchwork Times and Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville's Quips and Snips.  I'm off to visit a few blogs and then I must get going on all the things I need to get done this week!  

Happy Quilting All!


  1. The High Tea sounds wonderful. I used to have a tea pot collection, but I got tired of dusting the pots.

    Great progress on your quilts and weekly goals. Slow and steady reaps results.

  2. Looking forward to your tea cozy tutorial, Bonnie.

  3. Hang in there on the Easy Street!! Love the tea cozy ... I've got patterns for one but haven't ever made one (though I want one very badly). I'll be looking forward to your tutorial! :)

  4. I'm looking forward to your tutorial! I'm also jealous that you (or anyone for that matter) is finding time for Easy Street. Sigh. :-)

  5. The tea cozy is adorable. Your units are looking good, too.

  6. You know that the only reason I have been able to keep up with Easy Street is that I have all my gifts made/bought, wrapped, and in the mail (as of this afternoon). And, I guess, because I have no friends to get together with. :-( That said, tomorrow I will be pulling out a UFO and starting a new project tomorrow to compete with ES#4 on Friday. ;-)

  7. I like your tea cozy! At least 1X a year my son and I go out for tea - at a place that tends to be cold! They always have tea cozies on their pots. Plus - the lady sells used sweaters for $5-10 that she gets at yard sales. It is right on the water and people just are not prepared for the cool breeze! You are very busy!


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