Friday, December 7, 2012

Gifts in the Mail

How nice to get the mail and find something unexpected.
A special thanks to Alycia at Alycia Quilts who sent these fabrics to me.  Wow.  I did enter a couple of her drawings but I know I wasn't the winner. So do me a favor, go visit Alycia's website.  She has a contest running now for a $5 Starbucks gift card or some scraps.  You have until Friday at noon.  You'll have to scroll back to her December 3 blog to leave a comment.  I don't like coffee and heaven knows I don't need more scraps right now.  She also mentions an upcoming contest with a tie in to Sew Cal Gal. I'm sure there will be some more Quilts of Valor in my future.  

I'm still in the midst of two big projects.  My current Scrap Squad quilt has all of its units done, time to sew into blocks.  As lots of you are doing I'm also working on Easy Street mystery by Bonnie Hunter.  I haven't been able to sew all of the flying geese units but I've got a start on them.  You can find Easy Street at Quiltville Snips and Quips. This takes you right to Step 3.  Look at her heading to find the rest of the info on Easy Street.  I will be farther behind next week as I've got a full week already. 

One thing I'm working on is decorating my house for Christmas.  We finally succumbed to buying an artificial tree this year, a good one that should last many years.  And, it is pre-lit.  Yeah makes it that much easier.  Saturday I decorated it and some of the areas of the living room. We can't have a lot of excess stuff around as the dogs (or more probably one smaller black dog) will take a liking to it.  I've been hunting glass ornaments to put in a glass container so have hit several different stores.  I was blown away by this: an orange Christmas tree. 
Hum, I wonder who would want an orange Christmas tree.  The only ones I could think of would be Virginia Tech fans.  And, blue too?  Yikes. I will definitely stick with my green fake tree instead of these. 

I finish this blog with a picture that may help clarify the statement above about where I can leave things in the house... I'm pretty darn sure a smaller black dog decided to see what was in my tote bag.  Luckily he didn't rip out any stitches.... hum, I wonder if a black dog was setting up the yellow dog to be the guilty party? Just sayin'.

On to the studio, well after breakfast and cleaning things up a bit and answering mail.

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. I could get the maroon one and the blue one and dexprate both in all orange. The each year only put up the tree for the Commonwealth Cup winner. Heck, I'd only need to buy the maroon one after all!

  2. Surely, Raggs wouldn't frame yellow dog. Would he?

    Congratulations on your surprise package goodies.

    I wasn't a fan of aluminum trees in the 60s, so I'll pass on the orange, blue, and red trees too.

  3. Oh yes, the yellow dog did it! 8-))

  4. Oh my gosh -- the picture of the trees stopped me short! And Virginia Tech and Auburn fans were the first thing that came to mind! :)


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