Saturday, December 1, 2012

November's Stash Busting

Good news, I used more fabric than I bought this month! YEAH. 
Fabric In Nov.          7.625yards            Fabric In 2012       101.045
Fabric Out Nov.      12.875                   Fabric Out 2012       96.345
Used In Nov:           5.25                     Used 2012              -4.7

A great month!  Now if I could just end the year using more than acquiring.  But I'm not going to hold my breath.  I'm working on Scrap Squad #6 and Easy Street.  I think I've got the fabric for #6 but I'll need a backing.  I will probably have to get more fabric for Easy Street.  If I can finish #6 by the end of the year I might be able to break even.  

Not much else to report now.  Happy sewing all! 

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  1. Oh Bonnie, try try try to find the "more" for Easy Street in your stash.... That is the whole point of Easy Street... you can do it, just dig deeper..... he he


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