Monday, March 11, 2013

Design Wall Monday 3-11-13

Here's what I've been working on in addition to the Mystery for Relay #28, Easy Street and my Queen Bee blocks.  Yikes, there is a lot of orange and red in those blocks.  I have a blue and yellow block going and I may break down and buy some more wild prints for this to finish it.  The triangle method I use for these makes enough for 2 blocks from each pair of fabrics.  So, even though I am trying to finish off these triangles I have a feeling I will be making more to go with the 3 sets of triangles on the right of this photo.  This will be a charity quilt.  
I tried a new way to sew on binding -- both sides by machine.  First, I'll admit I didn't follow the directions... I thought I had and when I went back to my saved copy of the directions I realized I had done it exactly backward.  Sigh.  I think this may be a great method for me once I do it a few times, especially if I follow the directions.  You sew the first side of the binding on the quilt as you would regularly, except you sew it on the back first.  Then you use your blanket stitch to catch the binding down on the other side. The directions are on Pat Sloan's web site.  It is offered as a PDF so you can easily save them to your computer. 

I did pretty well on the goals last week.  
Week of Mar 4, 2013

Continue to focus on Mystery for Relay
Prep and sew more Orange Peel blocks
Iron backing so I can load it on Ruthie√ not ironed but loaded
Mail out fabric & directions to Quilt Bee members
Finish QOV Blocks and mail to Alycia√ almost finished but not mailed
Pick one section of studio to straighten/clean NOTHING done on this one….

Week of Mar 11, 2013
Quilt the scrap quilt on Ruthie
Go to Cottonwood and pu Jenny’s sewing machine and some quilt fabric/supplies
Hair Cut
Keep working on Mystery for Relay
Finish enough blocks for triangle baby quilt
Mail the blocks to Alycia’s QOV
Make Small Quilt Chat’s triangle quilt
Clean extra bathroom 

That is a huge list so I may not get it all done.  I will be focusing on the quilt on Ruthie as Jenny is bringing me a quilt to do Sunday and it would be great if we can get it on the machine and done before she leaves.  We'll see.  

That's it for me today.  I am heading out to Charlottesville to Cottonwood Quilt shop to pick up that sewing machine and see if I "need" anything.  As if! 

Make sure you visit Patchwork Times to see design walls across the internet! Oops, Judy hasn't posted it yet so I will link up later.  

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. I love your bright happy pinwheels!
    Just yesterday I sewed the binding down with Pat Sloan's method. I think I will be using it more too.
    Looks like you did good with your goal list.

  2. Love the Pinwheels. Nice and cheery. It is drab and overcast here. Hugs

  3. Your bright pinwheels are such fun! Great job on your goals. I can relate to not getting anything done on the straightening your studio goal...that's just not as much fun as sewing.

  4. Oh ya, bright is my favorite color and those pinwheels are just scrumptious!


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