Monday, March 25, 2013

Design Wall Monday 3/25/13

Nothing of mine is new on my design wall.  But Jenny was here last week and made these three blocks.    These are part of an ongoing Row Along at A Bee in My Bonnet.  
Check here for a list to all the row instructions on the Flicker group. 

Jenny loved working with my scraps because she just selected the right size strips from my draws and could sew these up pretty fast.  She also liked to add different fabrics to her mix of fabrics. 

I was feeding her pieces of the Mysteries for Relay blocks so some of my sewing was getting done.  Plus, we finished off all of Part 5 of Easy Street.

This scrap quilt came off Ruthie last evening.  YEAH!  A finish is coming soon.  I've picked a dark green for the binding but I'm going to take a second look at my fabric because the green is a really stiff piece of cotton.  Surely I have a navy blue, green, or red that wouldn't feel so icky.  

Weekly Goals last week:

Week of Mar 18, 2013
Finish the scrap quilt on Ruthie
Finish triangles for baby quilt –need 2 more
Make more and mail QOV blocks -didn’t touch
Work on red, white and blue pinwheels -1 more made
Put Mystery for Relay blocks together -HA! Some work was done but not much

Week of Mar 25, 2013
Make and apply binding to scrap quilt
Finish triangles for baby quilt & quilt it
Quilt customer quilt
Make more blocks for QOV and mail … or just mail what’s done!
Continue working on Mystery for Relay quilt

I was in a total quandary last night and this morning.  My cell phone was almost out of battery and I couldn't find my cord to recharge it.  This morning I was able to use a little adaptor I have and charge it with my old cell charger.  But, where, oh where, did that darn cord go. After a house-wide search I gave up.  But then I thought to look one more place: 

See that white thing on the left of the rollers?  And the usb connector and cord on the right?  I had run the Roomba vacuum while out of the house yesterday.  It wasn't suppose to do anything but the living room but evidently I didn't set something correctly and it did our bedroom and swept up the charger cord.  Unfortunately the plastic cable housing got cut but I'm thinking a little electrical tape and the cord will work 

fine.  Gee whiz!  This thing really picks up a lot of dirt and dog hair and phone charger cords. 

Here's the first self portrait of Natalie and me.  I  need to do it again with Sophie one of these times I'm visiting with her.  

Take some time and visit Patchwork Times to see design walls across the Internet.  It sure is fun and inspiring to see what folks are working on. 

Happy Quilting! 


  1. Cheerful houses! And I love the scrap quilt -- did you use Mabeth Oxenrider's pattern? (It was a cover quilt on AmP&Q which I marked with a Post-It but haven't quilting magazines are studded with Post-Its ). I know what you mean by the feel of that green fabric -- I have had a couple of pieces like that. Not greasy, exactly, but not soft like "normal" quilting cotton. I've washed those pieces and they still come out that way. Wonder what it is in the finishing??

  2. Love that quilt coming off of the quilting machine.. Awesome scrap work if you ask me.

  3. That is a great quilt coming off your machine! It looks HUGE!!!

  4. Beautiful scrap quilt! Hope you find just the right binding fabric for it.


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