Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Small Lesson in Design

While at retreat last weekend I pulled out a batch of four patches -- white with different colors.  I had multiples of each color I used but not the same number of each.  As I was packing to leave I took a look at the stash and found a yard or so of fabric that I thought would go with it. Here's my attempt at laying out a quilt. 
 It was ok and used the 4 patches.  Let's get it together.  Well, one of the advantages of retreating is there are lots of opinionated quilters available.  And, they don't mind giving you suggestions.  Heck, I'm always giving suggestions at these types of events too!  So Paula wandered by and said, no, boring or something like that.  

She took over the pile of blocks and suggested this layout.  We were all surprised how much this simple change helped the overall design of the quilt. It didn't take all that long to sew the blocks together.   

Here it is all sewn together but obviously in need of a good pressing.  What I didn't realize until looking at these pictures is the go with fabric is directional. That won't make any difference in the big scheme of things.  Next up on this is to figure out the backing fabric.  I have fabric left over of most of the colors, some blocks and the go with fabric.  I guess I'll be piecing the backing too.  Now to figure out what binding to use.  Any suggestions?  I think I have enough of any of the colors I used.  This will be donated at some point.  

After retreat I went to see the grands and kids for a day or so.  Here's Sophia ready to go to day care.  She is a big fan of sunglasses and her Indiana University hat.  You're cool girl! 

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. Oh Yeah, it's so better with the diagonals! Good job on it and I vote definitely to use the deep red for the binding to keep it sassy and perky!

  2. I like the diagonal setting for the blocks, too. I'd audition a charcoal grey or light black for the binding.


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