Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Retreat Rewind

Twice a year I go on quilting retreats.  They are both sponsored by quilt guilds.  They are wonderfully refreshing and offer quilting time without pressure of cooking, cleaning and doing the laundry.  And, they "feel" very different. I wouldn't miss either of them.  Here's the story of the Faithful Circle Quilter's retreat from a couple of weeks ago. 

It was a rainy Friday when I backed my car close to Sharon's and off loaded my stuff.  She agreed to drive through the pouring rain, across the Bay Bridge and to the location on the Eastern Shore.  We made one stop to meet some of the retreaters for breakfast. Yep, we were ready to leave shortly after 9 am. Next year, we'll have to plan to attend rather than just show up.  It was a great way to start the weekend. 

Next stop the local quilt store, Peggy's Sewing Center in Centreville.  I was in the shopping mood and found several pieces of fabric to buy.  And, it's always fun to help others pick out their fabric.  Here are Sharon, Mary Beth and Eleanor finding some fabrics.  There was a good selection of fabrics and very reasonably pricing.   

The rain continued to pour down.  We hung around a little longer just to stay dry. Ha!  It made no difference what so ever!  We were parked close but still got wet.  A short drive brought us to the retreat location, a Methodist retreat center.  The rain continued unabated.  We decided to unload with the car backed on to the sidewalk as close as we could get to the overhang.  We still got drenched.  Although the machines didn't get hurt at all!  Some retreaters had to immediately change into dry clothes they got so wet. Sharon and I air dried just fine.  
Food was plentiful and tasty.  Sharon and I room together and set our machines near each other but we tend to sit at different tables at each meal in hopes of chatting with all the other retreaters.  Discussions were always lively with whatever group we sat with. Wow!  I didn't realize I also had evidence of the rain.  Check the windows in the back to see how much rain was coming down! 

Eventually the rain began to taper off.  Well, midway through Saturday.  We wondered if the grounds would flood. But as long as the electricity flowed we were content with our sewing. We had a few of these turkey vultures hanging around.  After watching them for awhile we decided this guy was trying to dry off his wings.  He was sitting on one of the buildings that had the bedrooms in it.  
Here's Paula, our intrepid retreat organizer.  She did a great job finding this location and organizing our activities.  She made the pinwheel blocks that Sharon taught but somehow sewed them together differently.  But that turned out fine as Sharon used them as a design feature with a couple of more blocks.  We will have 2 more children's quilts to donate to kids in need once Sharon gets them quilted.  

Paula did a great job on gathering prizes for the weekend.  I was lucky enough to win one of them.  The most interesting item in mine was a hot pink plastic mesh.  I'm pretty sure I see a tote bag in my future.  Anyone have any patterns for plastic mesh? 
When the rain finally stopped we were able to walk down to a river that flows into the Chesapeake Bay.  Sorry I can't tell you which one. This is what I was looking at as I sat at my sewing machine.  I took a walk out to this spot to view the river and snap a photograph. 

Sunday came all too soon unfortunately.  Our big fear was getting caught in bridge traffic on the way home.  Several of the gals who came over after work on Friday night in the pouring rain ran into a massive traffic tie up.  Some were on the road (evidently not going anywhere) for four to five hours.  Just to put that in perspective the drive should have been about an hour, 15 minutes.  YIKES!  Happily there were no backups at the Bay Bridge on the way home.  I was sad to have the retreat end but I was on my way to visit the grands. 

Here are a few more photos of quilts from the retreat. First up are underwater things made by Stephanie.  The guild is having a Project Linus challenge.  Those participating were given a brown bag with fabric in it to use to make the quilt.  All of the fabrics are polka dots.  Stephanie used hers to make her various sea life.  Love how the background fabric works! 

This one is Eleanor's.  She's setting her thank you blocks from being our fearless leader.  She was buying the setting fabrics at Peggy's with help from everyone who happened to be there then. 
 And finally, Nancy finished putting this top together.  The blocks were a block of the month from a quilt store in the West, maybe Arizona?  She was tickled to get it to the top stage.  I wonder if she is planning borders or not? 

If you ever have a chance to go on a quilting retreat -- give yourself a gift and GO.  I get a lot done and have a great time with my fellow quilters.  This one is  even better for me because I don't get to see these gals all that often.  I was tickled to see several younger gals joining us this year.  It was great to make new friends!  

Happy Quilting All. 


  1. Looks like you had a great time! I just love retreats!

  2. I really would like to attend a retreat. I'll start looking for possibilities.


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