Monday, July 1, 2013

Design Wall Monday 7-1-13 and Stashbusting

Finished this charity baby quilt.  I was given a stack of 6.5" flannel squares two months ago at guild.  I found some peach and green hand dyed flannel I had done many years ago and thought, why not?  I had to piece the back but used white flannel for the binding.  Is it the most beautiful quilt I ever made?  Not to me.  But I know it will be a wonderful snuggly quilt for some child.  I used a multistitch zigzag to quilt it on the diagonal lines. I'm happy I could get this completely finished even with Ruthie in pieces in the other room. 
Next up is the current brown bag at Country Piecemakers.  Darlene gave us the Lazy Angle ruler to work with.  After I cut the my first effort incorrectly I tried again. Mine is the green boat at the bottom.  There wasn't enough backing fabric so I didn't make the star but I did cut the pieces from the green and blue polka dots so she could make one if she wanted to.  I liked the block so well that I cut pieces to make 7 more blocks so that I could also use them with some pinwheel blocks I have.  I see another baby quilt in my life at some point.

Here it is July 1st so it's also time for my stashbusting report.  Or, as is the case this month, stash building report!  
Fabric In
Fabric In Year
Fabric Out Month
Fabric Out Year
Total In or Out Year

9.145 yd
And, now goals.  Not bad this week. 
Week of June 24, 2013
Finish flannel charity quilt
Make brown bag block
Begin working on a quilt from the 1800’s blocks
Pack up a box from the shelves that will be moved first. √ well a bit has been moved/packed
Keep working on the orange peel blocks Never touched them! 

Week of July 1, 2013
Put 1800 blocks together into top
Paint ceiling in studio
Paint closet in studio
Pack up first 3 bookshelves in preperation to move
Work on Orange Peels
Try to do a little on a Tisket a Tasket

It doesn't look like I'll be getting all that much done in the way of sewing for the next few months.  But I will really love the end results!  Look at yesterday's blog to see how the attic is being transformed into a beautiful studio! 

I'm linking up with Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday.  You can visit lots of different design wall from there. 

Happy Quiting All! 


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