Saturday, November 1, 2014

It's Finished!

I just finished my sail boat quilt from my Maryland guild's "Dots for Tots" challenge.  Mine would work fine for older children rather than just tots.  I love the quilt and wish I could keep it but all the polka dot fabric came from the guild.  Someone donated all of it from their stash.  (Or, maybe it was several someone's...I don't live in Maryland although I've maintained my membership.). 

I'm visiting with Sharon at her dad's house.  We went to a local quilt show yesterday.  It was a great show and we saw a lot of really nice quilts.  Liked all the vendors and did a little shopping too.  

Today we visited two quilt stores in a nearby town.  I did a bit more shopping.  I found some cute fabric to donate to my local guild's pillowcase day.  I've been collecting doggie fabric and found three pieces I don't have so they came home with me.  

Tomorrow I head for home.  I've been gone for a week as I spent Sunday through Thursday in our new Nags Head home.  We are getting it ready for the whole family who will be together there for Thanksgiving.  Pat and I are trying to figure out sheets, blankets and towels.  We'll be getting the house in a rental program sometime in the next month or so.  We did a lot of cleaning, repairs and getting rid of unwanted furniture.  Now to get all the linesn set.  I'll keep you posted on how the house is going. 

I'll do my stash usage numbers after I get back to my regular computer.  Not much quilting this week but I did get a little done on my Easy Sreet blocks, well units, no blocks made yet.  

Happy quilting all!  Bonnie 


  1. Margaret Minton donated the polka dot fabrics for her friends at Faithful Circle Quilters to help her make quilts for Project Linus. I love your creative design and use of the polka dots! Stephanie from FCQ

  2. I've loved this quilt since your first post about it. It's cute as can be and will be LOVED by a little one.

    I hope you are going to share photos from the show.

  3. Congrats on the finish. It turned out beautifully.


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