Monday, February 16, 2015

Design Wall Monday -- February 16, 2015

This cold did me in for a good part of last week.  Although after getting some medications I did start feeling better.  Not 100% yet but definitely on the mend. 
I have to admit I didn't get a whole lot finished on any project.  What I'm showing above is using up some of the Happy Blocks left over from previous quilts.  I've asked the gals in FCQ Equilters to make me a few of these blocks so I can use up the blocks I have and make a few more baby quilts.  I've got one more to go with this set.  These are all animals/fish.  I've got another pile that would be for a boy quilt and one with lots of pink for girl quilt.  Once I finish the block I'll be ready to put this one together.  
My goals got partially done.  Remember, I was under the weather for the whole week so I'm happy I got anything done! 
Week of February 9, 2015
Mail embroidered shirts to the grands
Finish the backing for the r, w, and b quilt and get it loaded and quilted√ it’s half quilted
Get the borders on the Wild Dog Quilt Sigh, Will I ever work on this again??
Pick another quilt to work on and do it! Started back on black and white log cabin
Week of February 16, 2015
Finish quilting r, w, and b quilt.
Make binding for r, w, and b quilt.
Get the borders on the Wild Dog Quilt
Attend several social things this week

My poor Wild Dogs quilt hasn't seen the light of day for weeks. But maybe it will soon. Check out our weather forecast: 

I moved south to Central Virginia from NE PA so I wouldn't have snow like this.

If the electricity stays on I should be able to get some decent sewing done.  Plus, I can cuddle under a quilt and read too!  In my community it is suppose to start snowing in 36 minutes. (GOOD GRIEF minute by minute forecasting???) 

That's it for me today.  Hubby and I are hitting the grocery store and having lunch out and then we'll stay home until we can get out of the driveway again. We have a gravel drive so we can't use a snow blower on it and we aren't shoveling the length of it.  I'm linking with Patchwork Times. Oops, Judy hasn't posted DWM link-up yet so stay tuned.  I'll check back later today and get linked up. 

Happy Quilting and Stay Warm and Dry. 


  1. I'm right there with you, Bonnie! I moved from upstate NY to Central Virginia to get away from the snow and cold. Not this year! Your bright blocks are so happy!

  2. Those blocks will make bright and fun kid's quilts.

    Stay warm!


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