Monday, February 2, 2015

Design Wall Monday -- February 2, 2015

Zoom!  The days fly by around here and sometimes I'm getting lots done and sometimes I'm not doing much more than reading and playing games on the computer.  Are you a Words With Friends fanatic? I definitely fall into that category.  I particularly like playing with folks with whom I'm well matched.  We both win or lose with about the same frequency.  

Here's what was my big goal this past week.  You can't even see the borders in this picture. 
And another view.  I started this in a class with my guild in June. (At least I think it was June!) It's been done except the two borders since late summer.  It's big and awkward to get these borders on but they are done.  The color is really off on these picts. Burgundy, a deep teal, print has those colors and pale pink that I picked up for the inner border and then the burgundy for the outer border all with a beige background.  I was tickled because the print and the burgundy in the stars came from my stash.  I had to buy the border burgundy and all the rest of the fabric. (bummer, but what do you expect when you are making such a huge quilt!) 
I had really hoped to get backing fabric at the Super Bowl Sale I was at yesterday.  Nothing in the wide backs struck my fancy.  I didn't buy ANY thing.  I had a great time with the girls but didn't see anything that I was interested in buying.  I was looking for two specific things so that doesn't surprise me all that much.  I'm heading to another shop today to see if anything strikes my fancy there.  Otherwise my fingers are going to be walking on the keyboard to find a wide back I like.  I guess my mood of finishing UFOs is also containing my desire to buy any fabric.  Sigh. 

Here's how I did on my goals this week. What was I thinking of?  I didn't even have finish the mystery quilt border on the list.  Oh well.  I'll take pics of the heart quilt soon and share that with you -- it's one label short of finished! 
Week of January 26, 2015
Start and complete quilting on black and red heart quilt√ totally done
Finish making backing for the red, white and blue pinwheel quilt Still need to finish
Sew the first border on the Wild Dog Top Not started, again.
Super Bowl Sunday Shopping Trip! Good times, no fabric!  

And this week: 
Week of February 2, 2015
Quilt charity quilt and another quilt (sorry, secret things happening here!)
Get the borders on the Wild Dog Quilt
Do some machine embroidery
Finish making backing for the red, white and blue pinwheel quilt, load it on Ruthie.

That's it for me this week.  I hope to keep getting things done.  I'm linking up with Patchwork Times.  Also, come back on Wednesday when I post my next area for the 15 Minute Studio Spiff Up.  


  1. Words with Friends? Oh my, yes! I play all the time with my sister, my niece, and a knitting buddy.

  2. That is a good finish. It looks lovely on the bed.

  3. Beautifully done, the photos may be off a little, but you can tell the colors all work well together.


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