Monday, June 22, 2015

Design Wall Monday 6 - 22 - 2015

I've finally gotten my quilting mojo back.  For the last two weeks I was pretty ho-hum about getting to the studio and actually making progress on something, anything.  A couple of customer quilts came in and I knew I needed to get going on them.  Saturday I fired up Ruthie and got most of the first one done. It was finished Sunday.  (I have to get permission to show you -- it was a fun quilt.) I finished it up Sunday and made some more blocks for the lottery for the October retreat.  And, I made another Quatrefoil block.  This time I decided to use the same fabrics I had used in making most of my Triangle Thursday blocks.  Hum, seems like I'll have to make more blocks if I use this setting. 
This project won't be at the top of the list but if I plan it, and cut out the extra blocks,  I might be able to use it as a leader ender and get a UFO crossed off my list.  Sounds good but don't hold your breath on this one happening all that fast! 

Next up is T.C., the chihuahua.  I've been working on these dogs since at least 2008, may be 2006.  I'm now down to sewing on buttons and embroidering some expressions on them.  Well, that and the binding. (He's got both eyes now as do the other two dogs on his row.  Sewing buttons on is pretty boring!) 
On to my goals list. 
Week of June 15, 2015
Finish quilting Wild Dogs
Get one donation quilt quilted didn’t happen
Load and begin customer quilt√ finished
Work on Galaxy
Cleanup cutting table also didn’t happen but desperately needs it!

And this weeks -- hum, seems to be a repeat of last weeks. 
Week of June 22, 2015
Finish the handwork on Wild Dogs and put the binding on
Get one donation quilt quilted
Quilt next customer quilt
Make blocks for Pam of FCQEQuilter group

This morning I did do a little cooking.  I made Bourbon Whiskey BBQ Sauce.  Several years ago (hum 10??) we hosted a company party for Pat's job.  Afterwards the hard liquor was left with us.  What do you do with a half gallon of  bourbon when you don't drink the hard stuff?  I found a recipe that used bourbon!  For some reason I had forgotten about it. This morning's batch used the last of the bourbon.  Check out the recipe on All Recipes. 

I'll be linking up to Love, Laugh, Quilt and Patchwork Times

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. Love your quilt and what a cute little chihuahua! Fun.

  2. Your chihuahua is adorable!!! How much fun is that block? I really like your other blocks, too. It feels so good to get UFO's done and off the list! Yummy bbq sauce!

  3. Glad that your mojo has returned.

    The BBQ sauce sounds interesting. Thanks for the link.


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