Saturday, February 6, 2016

Feathery Doings

I know, pretty cheesy title but some days I am desperate.  I threw my bricks quilt on Ruthie after I took off a customer quilt.  I want a few finishes for myself this month.  I bought a new edge to edge design called Feather Boa from Digitech Designs. I like how it looks on this quilt.  I'm using a beige So Fine thread on the top and bottom.  I should get this finished today.  Then back to customer quilts. 

Here's an idea for finishing my OMG quilt for February.  I realized that this quilt is made from the same block but turned to create the secondary design.  Very cool.  But, it doesn't lend itself to taking off some of the units on the side to make it rectangular.  And, I have about 9" of the green and the magenta and a bit more of the neutral.  Sigh.  And this doesn't work because I'm short on the magenta.

I'm wondering if it would be better if I turn the light triangles out and then have the light as the rest of the border with green and light four patches in the border.  But I still wouldn't have enough of the magenta.  Maybe I should put a small border of the magenta and then checkerboard of the green and beige?  (would I run out of fabric?) 

I went back up to the studio and moved some fabric around.  Here is another thought.  Hum, the triangles on the outer edge don't really work as it doesn't finish off the row.  I think, I like the magenta by itself.  Except, I don't have very much of it left.  

So, does anyone know what this fabric is called?  It was readily available 5 or 6 years ago.  And, it is a great basic.  Help!  Name? Anyone! Hum, I wonder if that "" upside down on the label might be Hoffman... If I remember correctly it is the only fabric I purchased for this quilt.  Why didn't I buy more? 

It's time to finish off this post and get to stitching on the bricks quilt.  
I'm linking up with Can I Get a Whoop Whoop! and Wips Be Gone. 

And here's Ellie (and Daddy) wearing the jacket I embroidered for her birthday. They came for a short visit last Saturday.

Happy quilting all!  


  1. How about Robert Kaufman for the purple fabric?

  2. Hi, Bonnie. It's from one of the fusions collections from Robert Kaufman.

    Barbara at Stash Overflow

  3. I like the idea of the triangles that extend into the border. If you can't match the purple, how would a tone on tone black or dark grey border look with those fabrics?

  4. Decisions like this are difficult. Frame it with the magenta and then add a neutral border.

  5. I do like that big swirly feather! (desertsky quilting)

  6. Me, too. That's a great quilting pattern. Love the quilts too. Thanks for linking to WIPs Be Gone.


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